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Fan & Fred: Too Big To Fail, or To Survive - William Poole, NY Times
Freddie, Fannie 'Fair Values' Hardly Look Fair - Jonathan Weil, Bloomberg
De-Leveraging Wall Street By Leveraging Uncle Sam - R. Lenzner, Forbes
The Repugnant Bailout Nation - Bill Fleckenstein, MSN Money
Global Pressures Forging a New Oil Reality - Steven Mufson, Wash Post
The U.S. & China: A Partnership of Equals - Fred Bergsten, Foreign Affairs
On Central Bank Independence & Transparency - Crowe & Meade, VoxEU
Winners & Losers in the Rising Tide of Proxy Wars - Know@Wharton
America Must Not Act Rashly Over Inflation - Mark Gertler, Financial Times

RealClearMarkets Morning Edition

Capitalistic Views All Economists Hold - Guy Sorman, City Journal
Pessimists Base Gloom On Old News - Anatole Kaletsky, Times of London
Is Your Bank Safe? - Avi Salzman, Business Week
Dollar Bulls Might Meet Godot This Time - Michael Sesit, Bloomberg
Thinking About the Dollar - Martin Feldstein, New York Sun
Elections Will Make Markets the Winner - Andrew Leckey, Chicago Tribune
Let's Do Our Part for Doha - Editorial, National Post
The SEC's Naked Logic - L. Gordon Crovitz, Wall Street Journal
How Not to Regulate the Internet - Robert McDowell, Washington Post
Google, Yahoo and Anti-Trust - Daniel Ballon, Washington Times
The Housing Bill Is a Temporary Fix - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Way Forward for Fannie & Freddie - Lawrence Summers, Financial Times

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Mishkin Makes His Final Push for Inflation Target - Real Time Economics
Housing Seasonality & The Perennial Bottom Callers - Big Picture
What High Petrol Prices? - Free Exchange
The Wonders of Compounding - Prieur du Plessis, Postcards from Cape Town
He (Martin Feldstein) Changed Economics - D. Warsh, Economic Principals
Oil Prices and Economic Fundamentals - James Hamilton, Econbrowser
Should Government Regulate Fast-Food Industry? - Becker-Posner
'No Quick Convalescence for Stock Markets' - Paul Kedrosky
Bernanke's, Paulson's, Bair's and Cox's Next Step - Mike Shedlock
25 Internet Startups That Bombed Miserably - Business Pundit
CFTC: Oil Prices Rose Due to Supply & Demand - Carpe Diem
Are Americans Really Getting Poorer? - J. Pethokoukis, Cap. Commerce
Our Offer for The New York Times Company - Silicon Alley Insider
If It Is a Recession, The Longest in a Quarter Century? - RT Economics
Oil: Demand Destruction - Calculated Risk
Yahoo and the Icahn Effect - DealBook

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Sec. Henry Paulson's Remarks on Housing Market Fix - CNBC
Gabriel Says Housing Bill Is Not Shareholder Bailout - Bloomberg
Looking Ahead at Market, Earnings - Stacey Delo, MarketWatch
The Winners & Losers from Cheaper Oil - John Authers, FT
Economic Focus on Q2 U.S. GDP, Jobs in July - Bloomberg
John Ryding Discusses Stagflation's Impact on Economy -
Is Bailout Madness a Prosperity Killer? - Kudlow & Company
Poole Says Fannie, Freddie Should Be Private Firms - Bloomberg

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Where Now for the Greenback? - Marc Chandler, Brown Brothers
Weekly Economic & Financial Commentary - Wachovia
Economic Calendar for the Week - RDQ Economics
A Tale of Two Economic Releases - Joseph Brusuelas, Merk Investments