What Good Is GOP If It Won't Battle Class Warfare?

Romney lost for several reasons.  The bulk of his primary advertising seems to have been spent attacking opponents, rather than defining himself, with the consequence that by the time the primaries were over, his reputation was a blank slate as far as the general public was concerned – an irresistible target for Obama’s early advertising blitz that defined him as an out-of-touch rich guy who destroyed American jobs.  Romney was on the defensive from the get-go.

Moreover, Romney didn’t overcome the GOP’s perceived hostility to immigrants that, among other things, probably helped turn Hispanics against him, dooming his prospects in many states.  Since immigrants are a huge plus for our economy, Romney might have proposed boldly phasing out immigration quotas while restoring work requirements for welfare.

Perhaps Romney’s most critical weakness was his inability to defend American taxpayers from Obama’s relentless class warfare, the moral crusade to drain more and more revenue out of the private sector.

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