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Fisher Investments is an independent investment adviser providing portfolio management services to individual and institutional clients across the globe. The company has a long history of helping investors better understand global markets and current events through financial writing. Fisher Investments is proud to bring its insights to RealClearMarkets and help shed light on how global politics may—or may not—impact stocks. Fisher Investments believes politics is one of the stock market’s primary drivers and closely monitors global political events. The company takes a non-partisan approach to analyzing politics. It solely focuses on politics’ potential stock market impact because allowing emotions or political bias to sway portfolio decisions can lead to investing errors.

In its articles on RealClearMarkets, Fisher Investments strives to help readers decipher what may or may not be relevant to their portfolios—helping them make informed investing decisions. Regular insights into political and market activity is just one of the many services Fisher Investments provides in its mission to make the financial industry a better place for investors. Clients who work with Fisher also receive personalized portfolio management. Investment portfolios are tailored to each individual’s financial situation and needs. Clients also work with Investment Counselors, who are dedicated to getting to know clients, identifying their investment goals and keeping them on track.

Behind the scenes, Fisher Investments’ five-person Investment Policy Committee oversees all portfolio decisions for clients. Led by the company’s founder, Ken Fisher, the committee has over 130 years’ of professional investing experience and has worked closely as a unit for years. Supported by a large research staff, they lead Fisher in seeking and interpreting information differently and independently. To learn more about Fisher Investments and how the company approaches global stock markets, visit www.fisherinvestments.com.

Disclaimer: Investing in stock markets involves the risk of loss and there is no guarantee that all or any capital invested will be repaid. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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