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U.S.'s Politicization of Cybersecurity Is a Loser for Consumers - Joy Tan, USA Today

Huawei is an independent company, owned by our employees and not the Chinese government, writes Joy Tan, senior vice president of Huawei USA....

Day 17: U.S. Stock Markets & the Government Shutdown - Market Minders, Fisher Inv.

How Investors Can Weather 'Hurricane' Financial Season - Editorial, Fisher Investments

Put Silicon Valley in DC: Cyber Workforce Incubator - Goldhammer & Graves, Lawfare

It is no secret that Silicon Valley and Washington have dramatically different workplace cultures and attitudes toward risk and technology. In the valley, savvy entrepreneurs look ...

Cyberattack Shows Why Old Tech Is Scarier than Hollywood AI - Selena Larson, CNN

While not as sexy as killer robots, pieces of bad code, unpatched software, weaponized malware and aging technology can have a real -- and detrimental -- impact....

Cybersecurity Is a Source of Unease for Investors - Cindy Fornelli, IBD

How to (Literally) Rob a Central Bank - Editorial Board, Bloomberg View

How Corporate America Keeps Huge Hacks Secret - Jose Pagliery, CNN

The backbone of America -- banks, oil and gas suppliers, the energy grid -- is under constant attack by hackers....

The Cyber Risk In Your Bank Account - Izabella Kaminska, FT Alphaville

New Spyware Is All Over, Nobody Knows Why - D.J. Summers, Fortune

The cyber security firm Symantec on Sunday revealed that a malicious new piece of software is collecting information on individuals, companies, and government entities without th...

Keeping Swindlers Out of Your Accounts - Paul Sullivan, New York Times

Data breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus were certainly scary. Personal information from tens of millions of people fell into the hands of cybercriminals....

How Hackers Pulled Off the ATM Heist - Michael Daly, The Daily Beast

he men had walked into the banks armed only with plastic cards that had magnetic strips encoded with data provided by the faraway hackers behind the scheme. “In the place of ...

The Cheapest Way To Rob A Bank - Jordan Robertson, Bloomberg

Bankers Beware! The Global Cyber War Explodes - Bob Sullivan, CNBC

Major U.S. bank websites have been offline a total of 249 hours in the past six weeks, perhaps the clearest indication yet that American companies are prime targets in an unrelen...

U.S. Not Ready for Cyber Pearl Harbor - Michael Daly, The Daily Beast

If the nightmare scenario becomes suddenly real ... If hackers shut down much of the electrical grid and the rest of the critical infrastructure goes with it ... If we are pl...

Cyberdefense: A New Opportunity for Investors - Katie Benner, Fortune

Budget cuts loom for traditional military contractors - but electronic-security companies will flourish....

Obama's Cyber Defense Leaves Back Door Open - Liz Peek, The Fiscal Times

No, not a crazy question. Chinese hackers can and do invade U.S. companies and secure installations these days, without fear of reprisal or even (often) discovery....

Are We Really Prepared For a Cyber Storm? - Gillian Tett, Financial Times

The Escalating U.S.-China Cyber Trade War - Adam Segal, Foreign Policy

On Oct. 8, the House Select Intelligence Committee released a report on the cybersecurity threat posed by China's Huawei and ZTE, the world's second- and fourth-largest telecommuni...

Will the Apocalypse Arrive Online? - Karen Greenberg, Asia Times

First the financial system collapses and it's impossible to access one's money. Then the power and water systems stop functioning. Within days, society has begun to break down. In ...

A Terrifying Threat Obama & Romney Aren't Talking About - Bloomberg

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta made some alarming predictions during a speech on Oct. 11. Cyber attacks are looming, he said. They “could be as destructive as the terrorist ...

Global Economy Faces a Cyber Arms Race - Vanessa Drucker, Fund Strategy

During the 1890's, gangs of bank and train robbers terrorized the Wild West. Over a century later, global commerce faces another set of outlaws. Only now it happens with a point an...

Inside Look at a Professional Bank Hacking Team - Andy Greenberg, Forbes


In this series of articles scheduled to run from mid-March to July, RealClearPolitics and RealClearDefense will take an in-depth look at the intersection of cybersecurity, technology, and the warfare of the 21st century. The series will examine how the world’s leaders are using cyber-espionage to fundamentally shift international power dynamics.

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