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Hillary Clinton: Let's Ask the Wealthiest Americans to Pay More

Hillary Clinton proposed a new tax on multi-millionaires because it is "smart for our economy" at a campaign rally in New Carolina on Wednesday.

Let's ask the wealthiest Americans to pay more, including a new tax on multi-millionaires. That's not only the right thing to do. It's smart for our economy because these steps will help pay for the investments we need in jobs and education without increasing our national debt.

Donald Trump Has Got a Yuge Mar-a-Lago Problem

Donald Trump has campaigned on "Making America Great Again" by bringing back jobs and tamping down immigration. However, at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump was approved to hire 246 foreign workers, leaving just 4 spots open for U.S. citizens. According to Trump, he wasn't able to find qualified Americans that would take seasonal work. Whether the American public takes The Donald seriously is something we will see as the election season wears on.

Marco Rubio: There Are Good Trade Deals and There Are Bad Ones

JAKE TAPPER: Senator Rubio, last October you said that you're "generally very much in favor of free trade." More recently, you backed a away from your support of some trade deals. If elected, will you support free trade deals even if it means the inevitable loss of U.S. jobs?

MARCO RUBIO: No, I support free trade deals that are good for America. We're five percent of the world's population. If all we do is sell things to each other, we can only sell to five percent of the people on earth. We have to have access to the hundreds of millions of people in the world today who can afford to buy things.

The problem is we're a low-tariff country. To import something into the United States is not very expensive, but many of these countries we can't export to because their tariffs are too high. And so, I am in favor of deals that allow us to bring down those tariffs so that America can sell things to all these people around the world.

There are good trade deals and there are bad ones. So for example, here in Florida, we have benefited from the free trade deal with Colombia. It's allowed flower exporters to come into the United States, but it's created jobs for hundreds of people who are now delivering those flowers and working in that industry. We have a surplus with Colombia.

On the other hand, you've seen trade deals like in Mexico that have been less than promising in some aspects, better in others. Bottom line is I believe that America, if given access to foreign markets, our workers are the most productive in the world. Our people are the most innovative on this planet. If it is a free and fair trade deal, we can compete against anyone in the world, and we need to in the 21st century.

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Buffett: Tax Cuts for All But the Rich
September 2010
Gold: So Precious These Days
Car Czar: Bailout Saved GM & Chrysler
Nike Lives Up to Its Motto
Economists Up Double-Dip Odds
Achuthan: Dodging a Double-Dip
Greenspan: Raise Taxes
Intel CEO: 'A Very Good Year for Us'
How Much Will Tax Cuts Cost?
Obama's $300 Billion New Deal
Taking Stock of the Twitter Economy
Top Industry Sectors for Investing
Dick Fuld: "I Clearly Made Mistakes"
Shiller: Double-Dip Or Just Slow Growth?
August 2010
Economists Sour on Housing Future
Twitter COO: Still Not Profitable
Why Does College Tuition Keep Rising?
Chinese House Flipping Forms Bubble
An Iffy Back-to-School Sales Season
GM IPO's Unanswered Questions
How Obama Can Help Big Business
Are U.S. Workers Being Worked to the Bone?
Motorola Droid 2 Is Unleashed
BP Oil Spill Hits Gulf Coast Tourisim
Disney Sees More Magic Ahead
Is Obama Versus Wall Street Just Hype?
Bill Gross: Stocks Are a Safe Bet
July 2010
Do Higher Taxes Loom for the Rich?
Are Chicago Merc Hand Signals a Dying Art?
AOL CEO: 'We're Not a Hail Mary'
How Silly Bands Took Off
Obama: What About Wall Street Reform?
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Best Places to Live: Why Eden Prairie is #1
Does Austerity Lead to Prosperity?
Get Ready for 'More Frequent Recessions'
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What's Your Biggest Financial Beef?
FCIC to Goldman Sachs: Give Us the Info
How Does Your 401(k) Stack Up?
June 2010
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Motorola CEO on Droid X
Austerity: Tightening Time for the U.K.
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Buffett's Sister Gives It All Away
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April 2010
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March 2010
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Toyota Dealers Warned in 2002
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China Manufacturing Roars Ahead
RyanAir Grows Despite Recession
October 2009
Summers: The Road to Economic Recovery
Why the Higher Prices at the Pump?
Salazar on U.S.'s Long-Term Energy Ambitions
Honda Posts Solid Results, Raises Outlook
ING to Sell Insurance Unit
Feinberg Defends Executive Pay Crackdown
John Mack: Fix Economy First
Dollar Still De Facto for Oil
Intel Blasts Through Forecasts
Elizabeth Warren: Foreclosure Fix Not Working
Banks: The Hunt for Profits
Do Earnings Really Point to Recovery?
Roubini: 'Jobs Lost Forever'
'Dropping' the Dollar for Oil?
Did TARP Authors Mislead Americans?
September 2009
Jobs Won't Return Until 2010?
$50 Oil on the Horizon?
Refocus on Financial Reform
Bank Regulation Hot Topic at Pittsburgh G-20
Quick to Anger in a Recession
RBS Tries to Avoid More Bailouts
Warren Buffett's Read on the Recession
GM's Rebuilding Process
Obama: Wall Street's Responsibility
U.S. and China: No Trade War
Lehman: An Unnecessary Sacrifice?
Lehman's Last Weekend
China On Its Way to Recovery
Warren: Auto Bailouts May Not Deliver
More Madoff Homes on Display
German Recovery Continues
Bank CEOs Still Raking It In
Bailout Falls Short for Homeowners
Why eBay Spun off Skype
Why is Stan Lee Smiling?
Eurozone Unemployment at 9.5%
August 2009
Are Bailed Out Bank Stocks Too Hot?
Bair: Trust the FDIC
European Markets Hit 10-Month High
Party Your Way Into Business?
Housing Recovery Postponed?
Poll: 57% Don't See Stimulus Working
Are Banks Walking Away from Foreclosed Homes?
Eyeing Retail for Recovery
A Tale of Two Recessions
A Look at GM's 230 MPG Chevy Volt
The Fed's Balancing Act
Benefits Fading Fast for Jobless
Japan Machinery Orders Spike
Are Oil Prices Endangering Recovery?
July 2009
Japan Unemployment Soars
Ford Families Still Believe...
Blue Dogs Talk Health Care
Analysis: Microsoft-Yahoo! Deal
China Shares Plummet 5%
PayPal Will Be Bigger than eBay?
Weak Dollar Worries
Strong Growth in China
Eggs & Inflation
The Housing Baron of Detroit
Krawcheck: Bank Supervison Needs Simplification
Job Losses Sink Oil Prices
The G8's New Guest List
GM Plans for $130 a Barrel Oil
June 2009
Roubini: Risks of a 'W'-Shaped Recovery
May 2009
Becoming Billy Mays...
Print Media's Savior?
The Bunny Bets On the Web
Banks Still Key to Recovery
What's Going On With Gas Prices?
VW Halts Merger Talks With Porsche
Chrysler Dealers: Pain Hits Home
TARP: A Deal The Banks Couldn't Refuse
The Next Google?
Gas Prices on the Rise
Barney Frank on the Stress Tests
Achuthan - Recovery Is Near
April 2009
Ford CEO: Our Plan Is Working
PNC's Stuart Hoffman: An Eye On Housing & Jobs
Soros: A 25-Year 'Fool's Paradise'
Roubini: Economic Recovery Will Take Time

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