RealClearMarkets Evening Edition

Obama's Free-Trade Credentials Top Clinton's - Jagdish Bhagwati, FT
Trade Regionalism Is the New Reality - Richard Baldwin, VoxEU
Debt-Laden Companies: Risk/Reward for Investors - A. Bary, Barron's
How High Can Commodities Go? - Michael Kahn, Barron's
A Very "Vixing" Illusion - Pablo Triana Portela, Forbes
There Will Be Corn - James Cramer, New York Magazine
Why Nobody in Washington Wants To Say Recession - D. Gross, Slate
Stock Trends Apparent to Traders Who Look - J. Hoenig, SmartMoney
Is a Lean Economy Turning Mean? - Peter Goodman, New York Times
The Senate Shills for Big Oil - Editorial, New York Times
Irrational Pessimism Pummels Bond Market - Kevin Hassett, Bloomberg
Fair Contracts for Poor Countries - Karl Sauvant, Project Syndicate
Just How Badly Is the US Really Doing? - J. Hamilton, SD Union-Tribune
Europe Loses When It Legitimizes Low Wages - Lundby-Wedin & Monks, FT

RealClearMarkets Morning Edition

Interview with John McCain on the Economy - Bob Davis, Wall St. Journal
Don't Expect Another Bull Market - Allan Sloan, Fortune
Impatience + Greed = Trouble - Paul Johnson, Forbes
The China/US Decoupling Myth - John Wasik, Bloomberg
Texas v. Ohio: A Study In Economic Contrasts - Editorial, WSJ
My Faith In American Justice - Conrad Black, New York Sun
Cheers for Chile's Chicago Boys - Guy Sorman, City Journal
Eisner: The Quintessential Media Mogul - Brooks Barnes, New York Times
Bernanke: Pick Your Poison - Editorial, Los Angeles Times
More Relief Needed for Borrowers - Editorial, Washington Post
The Fed's Rescue Has Failed - A. Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph
Housing, and What the Experts Didn't See - Robert Shiller, NY Times

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MF Global: Could Have Been a Trade of a Lifetime - SeekingAlpha
Yale Says No To Rich Donors - Robert Frank, The Wealth Report
The Falling Dollar Is Our Doom - Quin Hillyer, American Spectator
Do Free Goods Blind Bernanke to Inflation? - Rich Karlgaard, Digital Rules

RealClearMarkets Transcripts & Videos

Pandering to Protectionists - Larry Kudlow, Kudlow & Co.
Allan Meltzer on Various Fed Policy Mistakes - Bloomberg
Meredith Whitney on Troubles at US Banks - Aline van Duyn, FT
Prince Jefri: Heading Towards Bankruptcy? - Wall Street Journal

RealClearMarkets Research Reports

Chicago PMI: Recession Signals Grow - Bear Stearns
Week Ahead for U.S. Financial Markets - Joe Brusuelas, IDEA
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Innovation and Education - Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley