RealClearMarkets Evening Edition

Financial Groups Prep for More Regulation - Gillian Tett/Krishna Guha, FT
Bank Stocks Surge on Hopes The Fed Is Done - Randall Forsyth, Barron's
Rethinking The Fed's Policy - Peter Morici, Forbes
Proffering A Better Economic Stimulus - Editorial, Los Angeles Times
Gov't Got What It Asked For in Housing Bust - Caroline Baum, Bloomberg
How The Gulf Can Spend All Of It's Oil Money - The Economist
No Feast After Credit Famine - James Saft, Reuters
Doha Trade Agreement Needed Now - Angel Gurría, Int'l Herald Tribune
The Financial Crisis: Interview w/ George Soros - J. Woodruff, NYR of Books

RealClearMarkets Morning Edition

The New Guard of Vulture Investors - Emily Thornton, BusinessWeek
Bagehot's Lessons for the Fed - Ron McKinnon, Wall Street Journal
The Fed Should Stand Pat Next Week - John Berry, Bloomberg
Bad Investments Lead to Finger Pointing - Floyd Norris, NY Times
Games Wall Street Plays - Robert Lenzner, Forbes
Why the Crisis Is Still Far From Over - Mohamed El-Erian, Financial Times
Don't Trust This Market Rally - Jim Jubak, MSNMoney
How Middle East Can Spend Its Petrodollars - The Economist
Free Trade for New Orleans - Editorial, Investor's Business Daily
Austrian Economists Descend on Big Easy - K. Hendrickson, City Journal
McCain Can't Win on Dems' Economic Turf - Editorial, Wall St. Journal
Dems' Tax & Spend Plans are Unrealistic - Editorial, Washington Post

RealClearMarkets Off The Street

Inflation is Ben Bernanke's Terrorist - Rich Karlgaard, Digital Rules
R.I.P. Bond Rally, 2005-2008 - David Gaffen, MarketBeat
Recession? It Doesn’t Add Up - Real Time Economics
Should CFOs be Economic Pundits? - Felix Salmon, Market Movers
Did Wendy's Get Short-Changed? - DealBook, New York Times

RealClearMarkets Transcripts & Videos

Senate Testimony on SWF Regulation - Scott Alvarez, Federal Reserve
SEC's Chris Cox on Short Selling Probe - Maria Bartiromo, CNBC
Mulally Says Ford 'Absolutely' Turning Around - Gregg Miles, Bloomberg
Where the Jobs Are, and Aren't - MarketWatch

RealClearMarkets Research Reports

Ugly New Home Sales Report for March - Bear Stearns
Shift In ECB Tone, Weak IFO Boost The Buck - Brown Brothers
Latin America: The Decoupling Paradox - Gary Newman, Morgan Stanley
TAF, Stigma, and the Cost of a Fed Failure - David Kotok, Cumberland