RealClearMarkets Evening Edition

Where the Next President Can Begin the Clean-Up - John Cassidy, Portfolio
Government Has Always Stepped In--Get Used To It - Richard Sylla, Forbes
Paulson's Plan Puts Banks Ahead of Taxpayers - Joseph Stiglitz, Guardian
A Short History of Modern Finance, Link by Link - The Economist
Sam's Club CEO McMillon on the Slowing Economy - Geoff Colvin, Fortune
How Credit Crisis Could Forge New Financial Order - Knowledge@Wharton
We Need To Guard Against Destructive Creation - Jagdish Bhagwati, FT
Risk, and Misunderstanding Its Nature - Kenneth Arrow, The Guardian

RealClearMarkets Morning Edition

Rushing to See the Economic Apocalypse - David Callaway, MarketWatch
Are We Reliving Japan's Economic Nightmare? - Joshua Kurlantzick, TNR
The U.S. Still Sets Pace for World Economy - Guy Sorman, City Journal
Act Now to Stave Off Depression - Anatole Kaletsky, Times of London
The Feds Will Save Homeowners Next - Jane Sasseen, Business Week
What the $596T Derivatives Market Means - Jacob Leibenluft, Slate
Opposing Uptick Rule Is Short Sighted - Editorial, Investor's Business Daily
Playing the Mortgage Blame Game - Editorial , Wall Street Journal
Don't Blame Free-Market Capitalism - Peter Schiff, Washington Post
Saving Weak Banks Threatens Banking - Jonathan Weil , Bloomberg
The Bankrupting of Henry Paulson - John Tamny, RealClearMarkets
Religion (and Keynes) to the Economy's Rescue - Nouriel Roubini, Forbes

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Everything You Need to Know About the Financial Crisis - Freakonomics
Why Banks Can Lend at Less Than 5% - Felix Salmon, Market Movers
Credit Spreads and How Lax Is Monetary Policy? - M. Chinn, Econbrowser
"Nobody Got Paid 20 Per Cent of Anything This Month" - Naked Shorts
Karl Marx and the World Financial Crisis - Angry Bear
The Great Hedge Fund Unwind Underway - Paul Kedrosky, Infectious Greed
Fact Checking The Tax Policies of Obama & McCain - Tax Foundation
The Unreassurable Markets - Felix Salmon, Market Movers
Explaining Uncle Sam’s Bet on U.S. Banks - Heidi Moore, Deal Journal
Does the Dow's History Offer Hope? - Kathy Lien, Seeking Alpha
Recapitalizations Have Proven Themselves Vital - Z. Jelveh, Odd Numbers
The Oil/Nasdaq/Housing Non-Bubble Bubbles - Infectious Greed

RealClearMarkets Transcripts & Videos

Paulson Says Capital Injection Focused on Banks, Thrifts - Bloomberg
A Conversation with Martin Wolf - Charlie Rose Show
Legendary Investor Carl Icahn Tells Us How We Got Here - CNBC
On the Economy w/ Jim Ellis, Liz Ann Sonders & Mark Zandi - NewsHour
Interview with NYU Professor Nouriel Roubini - Charlie Rose Show
Roach Says U.S. Jobless Rate May Reach 8% or Higher - Bloomberg
One-on-One Interview w/ Former AIG CEO Bob Willumstad - CNBC
McCormick Says U.S. Wants to Avoid 'Running' Banks - Bloomberg
Secretary Paulson Shares His Outlook on the Economy Pt. 1 - Kudlow & Co.
Secretary Paulson Shares His Outlook on the Markets Pt. 2 - Kudlow & Co.
Latest Rescue Plan Will Probably Spur Some Bank Deals - Jim Cramer

RealClearMarkets Research Reports

Moving Beyond the Panic to Pain - Diane Swonk, Mesirow Financial
August Business Inventories Rise .3% - Tim Quinlan, Wachovia
Market Pressures Resume Despite G7 Talk - Brown Brothers Harriman
The September Producer Price Index - Joseph Brusuelas, Merk Investments