'Shark Tank' Shows the Crucial Importance of Lower Tax Rates

'Shark Tank' Shows the Crucial Importance of Lower Tax Rates

America is not even two years removed from the passage of one of the biggest tax reform measures in decades. Yet, we have already seen job creation, economic growth, and heard hundreds (if not thousands) of stories about businesses being able to afford to pay their workers more because of these tax cuts. Money is, in fact, better left in the hands of the American people than the American government.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as enthusiastic about these economic benefits. The influential freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has instead decided to try to turn the nation's tax policy in the other direction and press the metaphorical gas pedal to the floor. She has recently proposed funding some of her more ambitious legislative initiatives by raising taxes on America's top earners to 70 percent or more.

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