Lawyering Meant to Save You Money Is Good Kind

Lawyering Meant to Save You Money Is Good Kind
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I always think it is bad form to ask someone “what do you do” upon first meeting them. I usually make something up and tell them I am a toll booth operator or a Walmart greeter. However, when the inquirer is well mannered and well meaning, I have a difficult time answering this question.  I wish I had a snappy response. I wish I had a cool 60 second elevator speech, but I don’t.  The most accurate answer is I am a Holistic Advisor, but that sounds like I am some new age guru hippy encouraging people to eat organic food. Usually, I just give a quick response, and say I am a lawyer. But, I hate lawyers! Sorry Jesus, I didn’t mean to use the word “hate.” I detest and loathe lawyers. Wait, that’s an overstatement, most lawyers are detestable and loathsome, but there are a number, albeit small, who are really good guys, skilled in their art and honest. These are the guys we work with.


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