Forced Vaccine, Like Forced Morality, Insults Reason

Robert Luddy gave a lecture in sorely missed 2019 titled, “Henry Hazlitt’s Long-Term Economic Thinking: Foundation of Entrepreneurial Excellence.”  Throughout his talk, it’s clear that Hazlitt has had a profound impact on Luddy – an entrepreneur who’s exhibited excellence for decades.  How is it that Luddy personifies success?  One possible explanation is that he ignores the temptation of short-term gains while focusing on attaining long-term goals.  Hans-Hermann Hoppe would likely describe Luddy as one with low time preference.  Writing about his talk, Luddy discusses how Hazlitt’s most famous work – Economics in One Lesson – sought to build upon Frederic Bastiat’s essay, “What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen.”  “Hazlitt goes one step further,” Luddy says, “summing up economics not simply as a series of transactions with hidden implications, but in terms of long-term effects outliving the short-term effects of every economic principle or policy.”
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