App Store Legislation Is a Dangerous Cybersecurity Trick

App Store Legislation Is a Dangerous Cybersecurity Trick
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One of the basic rules of childhood is you do not accept candy from strangers. Yet, every year this rule is effectively ignored on Halloween. While the risks are never zero, children go door to door to ask for candy because of some commonplace safeguards. Parents usually accompany small children, set rules for how long their older kids can be out and how far they can go, and most parents will look through the haul at the end of the night for anything suspicious. There’s also the fact that a lot of trick or treating doesn’t occur amongst strangers, but rather amongst neighbors. Even if kids don’t know who they are accepting candy from, parents usually have a good sense of who is around. 

Now ask yourself, do you know anything about the company you downloaded that candy puzzle app from? 
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