What Does Omarova Nomination Say About Biden Ideology?

I remember when I was a boy, my parents told me to get dressed up as we were going to hear the Polish ambassador speak, and there was a reception to follow at Mr. and Mrs. Farmar’s house.  I was only 10 years old, but I immediately expressed my dismay. “Are we going to rub him out?” “Maybe we should capture him first and get him to tell us all his commie secrets!” My mind was racing in ways that we could torture him and get him to talk. We could tie him up in the Farmars’ basement and play Tiny Tim’s Tiptoe Through The Tulips over and over until he spilled the beans! I was already dreaming about President Nixon pinning the Congressional Medal of Honor on me for my heroic service to my country. Dad led men in combat during the War, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, I knew he’d be all in. Yet, when I announced my battle plan, Mom and Dad just gave a chuckle. I was taken aback. My own parents! Had they gone soft. Had they gone full “Vichy” on me? Collaborating with a commie, serving him ham biscuits and politely chit chatting with him in the middle of the Cold War?

Ok, I admit, I jumped the gun. I was only 10, and I didn’t understand international diplomacy or the fact that had my plan been executed, I might have started a nuclear war. Watching Saule Omarova’s testimony in front of the Senate this week reminded me of those days years ago when even a 10 year old knew there was something truly exceptional about America and who are enemies were. Omarova has been nominated (ostensibly by President Biden, but we all know he’s not really calling the shots) to be Comptroller of the Currency (“OCC”). I may have been a bit trigger happy when I was 10, but this nomination is truly a call to arms. She talks exactly like Natasha Fatale on the old Bullwinkle and Rocky show. In fact, I think she is Natasha. She obviously cut her hair to deceive America, but I noticed she has the same “666” birthmark under her left earlobe that Natasha did. The OCC is an independent bureau of the Treasury Department. It regulates and supervises all national banks and federal savings associations as well as federal branches and agencies of foreign banks. Sister Saule was born and raised in the Soviet Union. She was a member of the Leninist Young Communist League, aka the Komsomol, a hip group that held sock hops for young Soviet communists between the ages of 14-28.   A young Komosol member could also choose to dig potatoes on a collective or something really fun like kicking peasants off their land and stealing all their possessions. It was much like the Boy Scouts but their oath was a bit different, it was a pledge to world domination and the destruction of capitalism. Saule went on to major in “Scientific Communism” at Moscow State University. MSU was known for its outstanding Communism Department. In fact, while Saule was there US News ranked it 12th in the world, right up there with Harvard ( #1), Yale (# 2), Berkeley (#3) and a host of other American universities. Her 1989 thesis, Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and Theory of Revolution in the Capital is thought to have been as stimulating as Jill Biden’s PHD dissertation on transgender Community College students. I say “thought to have been” because Saule won’t allow the U.S. Senate to read her thesis. Gee, I wonder why? Did she endorse forced collectivization of land, re-education camps, gulags, centrally planned starvation or political genocide?


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