With Virus, Objective Reality & Truth Are Being Ignored

With Virus, Objective Reality & Truth Are Being Ignored
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I have mapped out positions on all major issues of national importance.  I can tell you what works and exactly how to fix any national problem.  However, there is one issue I don’t understand. I have struggled to understand how close to 50 % of the American population can be so mindlessly trusting of Big Government.  What ever happened to critical thinking? Why can’t people form their own opinions using facts and logic to reach a reasonable conclusion? What is it that makes people believe politicians who have lied to them over and over? Even when they don’t purposefully lie, they often are not just wrong in their proclamations, they are horrendously, gigantically and stupendously wrong. In my world, if I am 1% off from what I state to someone, I lose valuable and hard-earned credibility, but national politicians are often wrong by huge multiples, and they still have their adoring fan base that will swallow whatever they say with unwavering allegiance and confidence. Why?

My mind is one of Aristotelian problem solving.  Identify the problem and solve it using facts and logic.  A lot of people possess these tools within the functions of their day to day lives, but these skills become totally absent in their political “thinking.”  Why? Is it some sort of mental deficiency?  Does the right side of their brain over power the left side of their brain?  Is it some sort of tribalism where they identify with the “Party” and cannot divorce themselves from their tribal allegiances? Is it a form of fashion, where they want to be perceived a certain way by others and therefore project themselves to be “hip progressives” to assuage some inner insecurity? Why do Leftists try and shut down speech they disagree with? Why don’t they address the arguments they don’t like with facts and logic as opposed to launching personal attacks on the messenger?  Why do the unvirtuous virtue signal? Why does one become a villain for not goose stepping in perfect harmony with their “party” positions?  Why are their political thoughts and opinions immutable despite always being wrong? Not understanding these issues frustrates me.


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