Marco Rubio's Fear of An App Is a Bigger Threat Than the App

Decades ago national security eminence Dick Allen asked Ronald Reagan what the strategy was for the Cold War. Reagan boldly responded “We win. They lose.”

Reagan’s answer was confident because he knew intuitively that freedom beats repression, and that economic freedom crushes planned economies. To him the Soviet Union’s eventual demise wasn’t if, it was when.

In a majestic speech given at England’s Westminster Abbey in 1982, Reagan grandly spoke of how “the march of freedom and democracy will leave Marxism-Leninism on the ash heap of history.” Reagan quite simply knew, and he wasn’t afraid to say that the Soviet Union’s days were numbered at a time when it was directing so much in the way of resources to weaponry, and at a time when confidence about the existential flaws of communism was not remotely conventional wisdom.


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