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Unlike humans, horses can’t have twins. This was relayed to me twelve years ago by prominent horse breeders. One of their mares was “in foal,” only for the owners to find out that she was pregnant with twins.

Except that horses once again can’t have twins. Twins would kill the mare, and if memory serves, the twins too.

The owners had to react quickly. They needed to have someone on their staff get with the mare sooner rather than later to pinch one of the twins. In other words, they needed to abort one of them.

Why was timing of the essence? It was because the longer they waited, the more emotionally devastating the abortion would be for the mare.

It’s just a reminder that while there are always exceptions (more on that in a bit), abortion is plainly traumatic for the female. If abortion has this kind of impact on a horse, imagine how much it pains human beings. And it’s clearly more traumatic for females the longer they wait.

Which requires a pivot. As I made plain in my book about the mindless lockdowns related to the coronavirus (When Politicians Panicked), and in countless write-ups before and after the book’s release, easily the worst arguments made in favor of the lockdowns were the first ones. Readers may remember that the initial justification for taking away our right to work, socialize, and operate our businesses was that if left to our own devices, many of us would work, socialize, and operate our businesses. Supposedly if we did just that the result would be a mass sickness born of a rapidly spreading virus, and the hospitals weren’t ready for the massive inflow of patients. How very insulting. The very notion that free people had to be forced into their homes and out of work in order to avoid sickness. Really, who requires force to avoid what will allegedly make them very ill, and perhaps kill them?

Speaking of death, supposedly if Americans kept their freedom they would work, socialize, and operate their businesses on the way to millions of deaths, 2.3 million according to England’s Imperial College. This justification was even more insulting than the previous one. Freedom was allegedly a suicide pact, so we needed politicians and experts to guide us? Seriously, who requires force to avoid death?

Bringing it all back to abortion, why the rules? Why in particular are conservatives and Republicans so intent on making rules whether on the local, state or national level? If abortion can emotionally devastate a horse, does anyone seriously think the impact of it is somehow softer for a human being? Hopefully the question answers itself.

Of course, if the question answers itself, hopefully the argument being made here makes a little more sense. Very seriously, who requires a law to avoid something as traumatic as abortion? Few would go out of their way to use abortion as a prophylactic or anything of the sort. Why expose oneself to the agony? After which, who would multiply the agony of abortion by delaying what’s traumatic beyond 15, 20, or name your number of weeks?

Are there exceptions? The speculation here is that there are. Which is just another way of pointing out that rules on the books will only succeed insofar as they push the act of abortion outside the law. Cocaine and heroin are illegal, but they’re easily accessible. Why would abortion be any different?

Bringing it back to Republicans and conservatives, experience speaking about When Politicians Panicked has me confident in my belief that in general, conservatives and Republicans share my view that force in the form of lockdowns related to the coronavirus was both insulting and superfluous. With a virus spreading, no one needed to be told to be cautious. Members of the Right just wanted choice.

Ok, so why not apply the same to abortion? With something so awful for the females (and males) involved, why the need for force, and rules, and government? It’s said a lot lately that the abortion stance is hurting Republicans at the ballot box, and arguably the reason it’s hurting them has to do with government force and rules being so at odds with who conservatives and Republicans claim to be.

John Tamny is editor of RealClearMarkets, President of the Parkview Institute, a senior fellow at the Market Institute, and a senior economic adviser to Applied Finance Advisors (www.appliedfinance.com). His latest book is The Money Confusion: How Illiteracy About Currencies and Inflation Sets the Stage For the Crypto Revolution.

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