Kimberlee Josephson

Dr. Kimberlee Josephson is an Associate Professor of Business at Lebanon Valley College and a Writing Fellow at Heterodox Academy. She also serves as an Adjunct Research Fellow with the Consumer Choice Center.

Author Archive

  • Jul 9, 2024
    "Thanks to a complex web of CSR initiatives, aid and development programs, progressive intergovernmental agencies, and the do-good posturing of political elites, businesses will...
  • Apr 17, 2024
    "Universities promote an obsession with social impact that ignores the vital social impact already accomplished by the realm of private enterprise." ~Kimberlee Josephson
  • Mar 7, 2024
    Payment services are a prevalent and necessary part of the U.S. economy. Statistics show that 83 percent of Americans carry at least one credit card, with the average American...
  • Jan 29, 2024
    Change can be a challenge for industry giants, and new ideas are sometimes hard to come by for established and incumbent firms. Competitive inertia and NIH syndrome (a...