John Tamny: How Robots Will Free Us To Pursue Our Passions


Sunday night fills millions of Americans with dread—within hours they will begin another week of work, which they regard as a form of drudgery. So listen to John Tamny—help is on the way!

Thanks to our increasingly wealthy economy, more and more people will be able to pursue occupations they genuinely like and lets them develop their unique talents, instead of taking a job only because they need the money. In fact, as Tamny explains, this happy process is already underway with countless new job categories springing into existence (whoever heard of an app writer or video coach 20 years ago?) and old ones being upgraded and expanded: football nutritionist, anyone?

Tamny also persuasively dispatches with the fears that robots will putting most of us out of work. These devices will produce new jobs as they liberate us from the boring, repetitive and mind-deadening tasks of the past.

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