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No, Bonds Are Not Dead

Deflation, not inflation, is a pressing concern for the global economy, according to Michael Fredericks of BlackRock Multi-Asset Income Fund, who says Treasury yields should stay low and investors should consider high-yield corporate bonds and high-quality, dividend-paying stocks. Jonathan Burton reports.

Hulbert: Market Correction Coming

MarketWatch columnist Mark Hulbert joins Mean Street and makes the argument that the market's long-awaited correction is at hand.

How Apple Gets to $1000

MarketWatch's Cody Willard on The News Hub discusses why he believes Apple shares can reach $1,000, despite their recent surge to more than $500.

WIll Apple Pay a Dividend?

Apple has almost $100 billion in cash. Why doesn't it pay a dividend? MarketWatch's Jonathan Burton talks with Don Taylor, manager of Franklin Rising Dividends Fund about Apple, plus stocks to watch for dividend-hungry investors.

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