Don't Fall for Left's Kind Wording: They Hate & They Destroy

The most important job of a father is to teach his son how to be a man and to teach his daughter how a man is supposed to be.  Nothing is more sacred to a father than protecting his little girl. The day my first daughter was born, I made a promise to myself. I kept this promise. On her very first date, I had a double barrel shotgun broken over my lap. I was stroking the barrel with gun oil and giving the boy the steely eye when he walked in the room to meet me. The message was clear, don’t mess with my little girl. Brothers have a similar duty. A few years back, that same daughter was living in Newport Beach and a much older man was “creeping on her,” making her feel uncomfortable. He said some things he shouldn’t have said. My 6 foot 6 inch son decided to pay a visit to Orange County hoping to have an audience with this “gentleman.” He calmly walked into the creep’s office, yanked him out of his chair and gave him a good thrashing in front of his employees. He made his father proud. My daughter’s California friends were shocked at the violence. She responded, “that’s the way we do things in Virginia.” That made me proud too.


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