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The most important job of a father is to teach his son how to be a man and to teach his daughter how a man is supposed to be.  Nothing is more sacred to a father than protecting his little girl. The day my first daughter was born, I made a promise to myself. I kept this promise. On her very first date, I had a double barrel shotgun broken over my lap. I was stroking the barrel with gun oil and giving the boy the steely eye when he walked in the room to meet me. The message was clear, don’t mess with my little girl. Brothers have a similar duty. A few years back, that same daughter was living in Newport Beach and a much older man was “creeping on her,” making her feel uncomfortable. He said some things he shouldn’t have said. My 6 foot 6 inch son decided to pay a visit to Orange County hoping to have an audience with this “gentleman.” He calmly walked into the creep’s office, yanked him out of his chair and gave him a good thrashing in front of his employees. He made his father proud. My daughter’s California friends were shocked at the violence. She responded, “that’s the way we do things in Virginia.” That made me proud too.

I’ve got my blood up again, and I am ready for a scrap. This time, it is my youngest daughter that has been “messed with.” The perpetrators, Governor Gavin Newsom, San Francisco mayor, London Breed and most particularly District Attorney, Chesa Boudin. They and others have turned San Francisco into a hellhole. My youngest is the bomb, and a much nicer person than I am.  She had a 4.0 average as an undergraduate while working a 40-hour week. She bought a nice, very reliable Toyota SUV. Paid cash from her earnings.  After she moved to San Francisco to go to graduate school in July, she discovered she could not get a “parking pass” without California tags. She then discovered she could not get California tags without complying with California’s emission standards. A so called “Smog Check” costs $85 and has to done by a state certified mechanic. Bringing the car into compliance with California’s wacko emissions standards was extraordinarily expensive, so she had to sell her car at a significant discount and buy a much cheaper car merely to be able to park and not get towed. WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA! She found an apartment on the lower edge of Pacific Heights. While San Francisco is beautiful, it didn’t take long for her to become disgusted with the City. Having lived in New York and Los Angeles, she’s seen it all, but nothing like the day to day filth and grime of San Francisco. She has to tip toe around human feces on the sidewalks, bums catcalling and verbally harassing her as she walks by, spent hypodermic needles and crime. Crime is everywhere. She’s thinking about paying to get out of her lease and moving to Marin County. She will have a much longer commute, but she will be out of the hell hole and safe. Thankfully, she has a car. Oh, but wait, she doesn’t have a car! It was stolen last week! As California insurance rates are so high, and it was an older car, she only had liability insurance, no theft coverage. The car she was forced to sell had been fully insured in Virginia.

San Francisco has every giveaway program imaginable, especially if one is a low life miscreant and petty criminal.  Most notably, it gives away millions of free syringes so addicts can “shoot up” illegal drugs in plain view of the police. Google the myriad of San Francisco welfare benefits and you will find page after page of programs that simply enable the lazy and the shiftless to remain lazy and shiftless.  Free money for illegal immigrants, free rent, free health care, free utilities, free food, free prescriptions and on and on it goes.

Not surprisingly, there is no program to buy hard working young ladies who have never drawn a nickel off the public dole new cars when they are stolen. What’s up with that Mayor London? If your city was not such a stinking hellhole of filth and crime, my daughter’s car would not have been stolen.

Ever heard of District Attorney Chesa Boudin? He’s the real villain of this story. Of all the California left wing lunatics, I blame him the most for “messing with my daughter.” My dander is up, as I am sure is every other father of a daughter living in San Francisco.

As I have written before, the Left F-Ups everything they touch. Ches is more than just a left wing lunatic, he is a Marxist. You can bet that Lucifer himself is a card-carrying commie; probably has one of those Che Guevara posters in his bedroom.  Why? Marxism is an ideology grounded in hatred and jealousy. Its goal is to simply destroy all that is good. Like Lucifer, leftist ideologues are experts at deceiving and manipulation. They “speak” of helping the “little guy,” but in reality, they are blinded by a sociopathic desire to destroy everything in their sight. Marxism is a giant bulldozer, intent on turning civilization into rubble. If you think I am overly zealous, I suggest you read a history book. 

Boudin’s parents were members of the communist Weather Underground, a “revolutionary” terrorist group, responsible for killing Americans. In 1981, they participated in an armored car robbery which left two police officers and a Brinks truck driver dead. “Chesa” means “dancing feet” in Swahili. White liberals love to virtue signal by giving their children African names. This makes them feel “down with the struggle” and of course this is much easier than actually visiting a black neighborhood. Especially one that doesn’t even have a Whole Foods.

With both of Dancing Feet’s parents in jail, guess who raised lil Ches? Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn! Surely, well informed reader, you know of these two pillars of virtue! Ole Billy Boy participated in 1970s bombings of the NYC Police Department, the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon. He then became a fugitive with Dohrn, who was also a “Weathermen” and on the FBI 10 most wanted list.  A 2001 NYT story reported what Ayers considered the philosophy of the “Weathermen” to be: “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that's where it's really at.” ( Commies are not bound by bourgeois grammar rules and are allowed to end sentences with prepositions).  Like many deep thinkers of the Left, Ayers came from a privileged academic background. He got sheepskins from Michigan and Columbia and after retiring from his bombing career, he became a “distinguished” college professor in Chicago for 20 years. Bernadine, a University of Chicago Law grad, came out of hiding in 1980. The prosecuting attorneys slapped her on the wrist, and she went on to be a law school professor at Northwestern. Go Wildcats!  Apparently being a murderous terrorist is a good resume builder for high paying professorships at “prestigious” universities. Funny how you never hear of any Oklahoma State grads getting good resume building terrorist gigs.

After being raised in such a wholesome Ozzie and Harriet environment, young Twinkle Toes went off to Yale and then Oxford. Being the son of famous communists is a sure ticket to a Rhodes Scholarship. His curriculum vitae includes working for one of his political heroes, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. I am not kidding! He has an impressive lineage of Marxist family members who also wanted to destroy America. His lawyer grandfather and avowed devotee of the Revolution represented Fidel Castro and Paul Robeson, and his great grand uncle was a Marxist theorist and author.

Ches has only been in office since January 2020. Crime has exploded in San Francisco. His revolutionary conscience simply won’t allow him to prosecute criminals. He doesn’t care that he lets murderers back on the street to murder again.  Dear Reader, read my lips: he doesn’t care,  his purpose is to destroy, he’s a communist. So shocking is his conduct that roughly 1/3 of the lawyers in his office have either quit or been fired. These lawyers state he simply ignores laws he doesn’t like, including rulings of the Court, and as a result San Francisco is being destroyed. This year alone, fatal gun violence has increased 47%. Non-fatal gun violence has doubled, and burglaries are at their highest level ever. In some parts of the city, car break-ins are up 150%. This is the son of a bitch who is making it unsafe for my daughter, and I am fighting mad.  83,000 signatures have been gathered to force a recall election to boot Boudin out of office, only 51,000 are needed. It cannot come soon enough. As of July this year, 50% of small businesses in SF had closed, many because criminals are allowed to walk into any retail store and pretty much steal whatever they want, knowing that Comrade Dancing Feet won’t prosecute them. By violating the law to which he is sworn to uphold, Boudin himself, is a criminal.

The Far Left is very adept at creating subterfuges for why they act as they do, using feel good fuzzy buzzy words such as “justice, equity, inclusion and diversity.”  Don’t fall for it. They hate and they destroy.


Everything always turns into rubble.

Robert C. Smith is Managing Partner of Chartwell Capital Advisors and likes to opine on the Rob Is Right Podcast and Webpage.

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