SVB Is About 'Other People's Money' & 'You Trusted Us'

You don’t need to get an economics degree from Princeton to understand economics.  In fact, it will likely imbue you with a dangerous level of self-importance and indoctrinate you with dogmatically false concepts (see Princeton grad Jerome Powell who thinks destroying an economy solves inflation).

All you need to do is read my columns and watch my podcast and remember Rob’s Rules. For absolutely no charge I explain easy to remember rules based on the predicable activities of human nature. The foundation of the current “banking crisis” starts with understanding the Rob Is Right Rule of “Other People’s Money” and its “flip side” rule “You Fuc#ed Up, You Trusted Us brilliantly articulated by Otter to Flounder in Animal House. Since they don’t teach these rules at Princeton, if you are a freshman, go ahead and drop out now, because you will never understand the way the world works without understanding the human elements associated with “property.”  Have your parents put your yearly tuition into an investment account that I manage (for a fair and equitable fee of course).  Then get a job selling vacuum cleaners door to door for four years. By the time your classmates graduate with their economics degree, you will know much more about economics and the world than they do.


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