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My buddy Leigh Spruill, an Episcopal minister, once told me that the word epiphany comes from the Greek, and in its original Greek roots, it means more than just “to reveal” or “revealing.”  It implies that one has turned around and suddenly sees something that already existed.  Sometimes these sightings are eternal “truths.” By the way, Leigh just moved from a huge church in Nashville to an even larger church in Houston. He’s kind of a rock star, and if anyone in Houston would like to blackmail him, give me a call. We grew up together. He put a frog down Mary Sue Clatterbuck’s blouse in the 5th grade. Let’s just say his conduct got worse from there. I’ll split what we collect 50 -50.

I have had several profound epiphanies in my life. The first was on January 12, 1969. Colts v. Jets in  Super Bowl III.  It was a titanic struggle between good and evil. Colts quarterback, Johnny Unitas, the crew cut man with the black high tops, was my hero. In 1968, my oldest brother dropped out of college to join the Marines so he could fight in Vietnam, and that’s where he was on this sad day in American history. Johnny U’s crew cut and high tops were symbols of solid American virtues and patriotism. Joe Namath, the Jet’s quarterback, was everything my family hated. My god, he wore white shoes! He had long hair and pranced around Broadway in a fur coat. He even mentioned to Sports Illustrated that the most important thing about being in the Super Bowl was the money. This was heretical, sports were about teamwork.  Dad led teams of men in combat at D Day and the Battle of the Bulge, there’s no “I” in team! We didn’t defeat the NAZIS by preening for the cameras in a fur coat like Zsa Zsa Gabor! Up until that unforgettable day, I had always thought the good guys always won. They did in the movies! The Jets won and what was “revealed” to me was the good guys don’t always win. An important lesson.

As an adult, I have had several epiphanies. The most profound was a mission trip to Honduras. The only reason I went was it was January, I wanted to go someplace warm and several of my buds from church, Dr. Steve Long among them, were going. ( Dr. Steve makes Eddie Haskell look sincere. I figured if we got in trouble with the policia, he could “Eddie” our way out of it). Once there, my senses were assaulted by the inefficiency and sluggishness of the people we were there to help. We were there to build a church, and we were not making the progress I thought we should because nothing really works or runs on time in Honduras. I wanted to just call in the Marines, take over the country and make it an America dependency so it would run properly. Then I saw fellow missionary Hillary West, just holding a little baby, and all she was doing was loving the baby. That’s when I had my epiphany.  As Christians we are not called to fix everything in people’s lives for them. Our job is simply to love others. Good things flow from that.

Another epiphany is “you can’t fix crazy.” Before this epiphany, I would often be asked to help someone with a problem. I have always been pretty good at using my gifts of good sense and smooth rhetoric to sway folks to do things they should to help themselves. When folks wouldn’t do what I suggested, I felt like my head would explode. I have since learned that you can’t “fix” everybody. My friend “Spud Daddy” is currently having relationship issues. When he calls for advice regarding Miss “Alex Forrest” (see Fatal Attraction), I simply say “you can’t fix crazy, son.” That’s all the advice I give him, and then I hang up.

Another epiphany I had years ago is very applicable to today’s political climate and the focus of this article. My buddy Will Clarke gave me a Nelson DeMille book, the Charm School. In it, the Soviets got their hands on captured American soldiers and used them to teach Soviet spies how to act American. This was before the USSR disintegrated.  I began to wonder if the Soviets really did do something like this? Then I had my revelation, OF COURSE THEY DID! The truth I suddenly saw: if a person or entity, such as the Soviet Union has committed crimes of sheer evil, such as the brutalization and genocide of its own people, it not only is capable of lesser crimes, it HAS committed such lesser crimes.

And here is how that “Charm School” revelation applies to the body politic today. In 2020, in Democratic cities all over the United States, the Democratic Party sponsored and enabled terrorists to burn and destroy property, loot businesses, attack police officers and assault law abiding citizens with impunity. Many of the terrorists were paid by dark money groups in bed with the Democratic Party and far left organizations.  Of the few terrorists who were arrested in these Democratic strongholds, most were let back onto the streets with no repercussions. All the machinery of municipal government was used to further this terrorism.  Therefore, if the people running these city machines were willing to use the powers of their offices to enable and further acts of terrorism, they certainly enabled, assisted and committed acts of voter fraud. Why would they not?

In all these Democratic cities, certain antifa and Black Lives Matter “agitators” were getting paid $25/hour to riot and cause mayhem.  Does it not stand to reason that there was an army of paid functionaries creating fake residences, registrations, voters and ballots, stuffing ballot boxes all during election season?  Does it not stand to reason that city employees who watched terrorists get away with violent felonies, night after night, feel bullet proof, knowing they too can cheat and commit voter fraud and nothing will happen to them? It is absurd to think otherwise.

Maricopa County, Arizona will soon release results of a very intensive forensic audit conducted by the Arizona Senate. Pressure is building in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and other states for a similar audit to be conducted. I have been keeping up with the election irregularities since November 3rd on a daily basis. I’ve read hundreds of pages of extremely damning information. In my view, the evidence of mass fraud and Democratic cheating is not only overwhelming, but it is not even contested. The Democrats and their media cohorts never respond with any specificity to the almost daily new revelations of fraud, they simply state that anyone who questions anything related to the election is an “insurrectionist.”  Can you spell D-E-F-L-E-C-T-I-O-N?

My final epiphany, also applicable to voter fraud, has been revealed to me over a period of time, and is one that always appears to be true. It might even rank as an “eternal truth.”  In a previous article on  personal finance, I stated that when someone has been confronted with allegations of fraud and he does not immediately take steps to be totally transparent to prove his innocence, that person has committed fraud. The same rule applies here. Democrats are “going ape” trying to stop this audit movement from happening, instead of being transparent to prove there was no fraud.  On July 13th,  Joe Biden stated that  election integrity concerns are the biggest threat to the Republic since the Civil War, and inferred that those wanting enhanced election laws to protect against voter fraud were insurrectionists.

Alleging that citizens who have given sworn affidavits about voting fraud are insurrectionists, is a not so subtle attempt to threaten people with jail time for speaking the truth and doing their civic duty. In fact it is quite chilling.

Epiphanies are truths revealed with extreme clarity. Turn around and see. Our current government is utterly corrupt and it knows it owes its existence to manipulating the ballot box.

Here is an epiphany I may soon have in the future: when the ruling class of a country governs like a banana republic, the country quickly becomes a banana republic.

Robert C. Smith is Managing Partner of Chartwell Capital Advisors

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