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If I was a seal and some British officer was trying to club me to death, I’d bite the Limey son of a bitch. I’d go straight for his gonads, and I’d get my seal buddies to do the same.

If you’ve heard the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton as told in Alfred Lansing’s book Endurance, you may know something about clubbing seals. Shackleton, the famous British explorer, got trapped in the South Atlantic ice pack in 1914.  His ship, the Endurance got crushed, and the crew was afloat on the moving ice for 20 months. What saved his 27 man crew from starvation  was the docile stupidity of seals. There were plenty of seals. Shackleton’s crew could walk right up to them and club them to death.  The seals’ buddies would sit and watch and then walk right up to Jack Tar with adoring eyes as if nothing happened, totally oblivious to their impending doom.

The seals would look at Shackleton and his men like American liberals look at Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden. This analogy is quite apt. Indeed, I am impressed with myself for thinking of it. We are living at a time where much of the American populace behaves like those Antarctic seals. Think of Shackleton’s crew as our current government and we are the seals, lovingly trusting and putting our faith in a group of people who have never given us anything but a good clubbing.

Remember, the old adage “I’m from the government and I am here to help you?” Well that’s way out of fashion. The new and improved version is “I am from the government, want a free bar of soap? Then just BEND OVER and pick it up.” What do these people do that actually helps us?  What do they do for us that we cannot do for ourselves?

Let’s take Social Security. You have been paying into the system since you were 18. You’re now  67. Over the past 50-ish years, you have put $600,000 into the system. Your seal clubbing government will graciously give you back approximately $36,000/year of YOUR money until you die 12 years later. When you kick the bucket, your kids get nothing. Zilch, nada, zip. Yet, if you invest this money yourself earning an average annual return of 6%, at 67 you would have over $2 million in the bank and over $100,000 in annual income. 12 years later, you have an even bigger pile of money. Upon your demise, you can give it all to the venerable Rob Smith Foundation or let your trophy wife use it to run off to Nice with the tennis pro. The choice is yours (as it ought to be).  Either way, having trillions of dollars in private hands creates astonishing wealth and human advancement. My miserly capitalist heart aches thinking about all the good this money would have done had it been left in private hands the past 86 years.

Oh, I can hear you “pointy heads” now. “Smith, you are forgetting about the little guy who can’t take care of himself, he needs the rich guys to fund his retirement for him. Otherwise, it’s not fair!”  Ok, low wage man works for 50 years, making on average $12,000/year, with 12.4% of his wages going into the SS fund ($1,488/year). Our benevolent apparatchiks in Washington will allow him to keep a whopping $897/month of his own money until he dies! Yet if this money is invested and earns on average 6%/year, he’ll have $450,440 in the bank at 67.  If this $450,000 pays a modest 4% stipend, Mr. Low Wage worker gets $1,500/month and still has $450,000 left over for his family. So Larry Lunch Pail and Hedge Fund Harry both get clubbed. Now, you might be saying, wow Smith, if all this is true, then the Social Security “fund” must have trillions of dollars sitting in the bank. Maybe we could pass a law and have them give us our money back!  Nope. Sorry baby seals. The Seal Murderers spent all your money. It’s gone, and oh yeah, the non-existent fund has something like $32 trillion of unfunded liabilities.  THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!

FDR signed the Social Security Act in 1935. Frank wore an ascot and drew his tobacco through a cigarette holder. He was what is known as an “elitist.”  He never met anyone like Larry Lunch Pail; though he had read about working class folks during summer breaks from Groton. He and his band of super hip progressives prolonged the Great Depression, basically destroying the American economy.  However, since he and his entourage were so much smarter than Larry Lunch Pail, he decided that he would take it upon himself to manage Larry’s retirement money for him. And Voila, Social Security was born in 1935, and it has ended up being the greatest Ponzi Scheme in history.

The Seal Murderers create a problem and then they tell all the seals that only they can solve the problem, and thus create another problem that is greater than the problem they were attempting to fix in the first place.  Many seals, especially the ones who drive Priuses while wearing face masks obsequiously thank the Seal Murderers for clubbing the seal snot out of them.

If you doubt that our government is a bunch of seal murderers, look no further than their response to Covid. First, it appears next to certain that our government funded the gain of function research that led to the virus breaking out in Wuhan. Yet once out, we would’ve been much better off if the Seal Murderers did nothing, but if you are a megalomaniacal seal murderer, you can’t miss an opportunity to bludgeon helpless mammals! If the Red Army, the Wehrmacht and Napoleon’s Imperial Guard all attacked the US at the same time, they could not have shut down virtually every American business, not in a million years. But our own government did this “to us” without firing a shot. They stuck Covid patients in nursing homes, killing tens of thousands. They banned doctors from prescribing prophylactics that could have saved countless lives at virtually no cost. They have forced an experimental “vaccine” on the public even though its own agencies admit that the vaccine does not work, does not prevent those who are vaccinated from spreading the virus and does not prevent those vaccinated from getting the virus. Indeed, as I have written, introducing a leaky vaccine into the teeth of a pandemic makes matters much worse. These actions cause the vaccine to mutate (re-charge) as opposed to getting weaker and dying. A few days ago, Senator Ron Johnson provided data to this effect on the Senate Floor.  In December 2020, the virus had been severely weakened, but as soon as the massive “leaky vaccine” campaign gears up, so does the Delta variant. This is exactly what leading physicians and virologists who have not been corrupted by government money (such as Dr. Robert Malone) said would happen. Had the Seal Murderers done nothing, doctors all over the land would have prescribed prophylactics, no businesses would have been shut down and the genius and the good will of the American people would have easily navigated us through what would’ve been nothing more than a bad flu season. Everything the Seal Murderers touch turns to seal excrement.

After ruining the economy with their response to Covid, the Seal Murderers now plan to fix the economy by clubbing us all with massive tax increases.  You latte drinking, skinny jeans wearing seals need to get mad. I want you to think about all the clubbing you have taken and do some visualization exercises like the Water Boy did. What does it take for you people to get mad and quit sucking up to your tormentors?


Robert C. Smith is Managing Partner of Chartwell Capital Advisors

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