What's the Deal With All the Perverted Behavior at CNN?
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
What's the Deal With All the Perverted Behavior at CNN?
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
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So what’s the deal with all the perverts and pedophiles at CNN?

Don Lemon grabs a man’s private parts at a Hampton’s watering hole. He then assaults him in other ways that I find too tawdry to mention. Jeffrey Toobin masturbates on a Zoom call in front of his colleagues. A sexual misconduct claim led to the firing of Chris Cuomo. Ole Chris was good buddies with CNN producer John Griffin. Indeed, their public social media posts indicate a thriving “bromance.” The Feds have indicted Griffin on pedophilia charges.

According to the indictment, “from April to July of 2020, he communicated with people purporting to be parents of young daughters, telling them, among other things, that a 'woman is a woman regardless of her age,' that women are 'the dirtiest sluts possible,' and that they should be sexually subservient and inferior to men.” Griffin followed up his advice by luring young girls to his $2.5 million Vermont ski house. In one instance, Griffin advised a mother in Nevada that she needed to make sure that her 9 and 13-year-old daughters were properly sex trained to be subservient to Griffin’s needs. He then flew the mother and her 9-year-old daughter east to his Vermont lair, where he allegedly engaged in unlawful “sexual activity” with the child. Disturbingly, Griffin hosted pool parties and sleepovers for friends of his 3 young children at his $4 million home in Wilson Point, Connecticut. Reports state that he bragged about sexual activities with a 7-year-old. Before John Griffin spends eternity in the fiery furnaces of hell, he should have his nuts excised with a rusty oyster knife and then dipped into a pit of fire ants.

It has also been reported that “authorities” seized his devices 18 months ago, but the FBI just got around to arresting him on December 10, 2021. Why? The FBI has been fully weaponized by the Left. They are a fully functioning political arm of the Democratic Party. If you are a Democrat, you are allowed to “sell out” your country to ruthless oligarchs and communist dictators (see Hunter and Joe Biden). You can burn cities down (Antifa and Black Lives Matter).  You can cooperate with foreign intelligence agents to plant fabricated evidence to overthrow a United States president (DOJ and FBI).  You are free to leak classified material to the New York Times (Jim Comey). You can intimidate soccer moms who dare speak out at school board meetings about bathroom policies that lead to their daughters being sexually assaulted (Merrick Garland).

The FBI allowed Hillary Clinton to destroy evidence. It didn’t even question her under oath and allowed her staff to take hammers to their electronic devices even though they were all subject to a Congressional subpoena. The FBI has done nothing with Hunter Biden’s laptop, a veritable treasure trove of criminal conduct. Besides likely foreign corruption, payoffs and tax evasion, it has been reported that the laptop contains salacious images of underage girls and an admission from Hunter to Joe that Hunter had he been accused by Halle Biden of inappropriate behavior towards a 14-year-old family member.

All of this leads a reasonable person to question if the FBI was protecting John Griffin as he is one of their boys, an uber leftist, a member of the Democratic team and good pal of one of their chief propaganda agents.  If so, how many underage girls were abused due to the FBI’s unwillingness to prosecute one of their soul mates? Moreover, the timing of this raises additional questions.

Ashley Biden is Joe Biden’s daughter. She kept a diary during a very troubled part of her life where she struggled with drug abuse and had multiple affairs during her crumbling marriage. Reports indicate she detailed her deep resentment for her father due to his control and emotional manipulation. Most damaging, the diary is reported to allege that she believes she was sexually molested as a child and that she took showers with her Dad which she states were “probably inappropriate.” Gee Ashley, ya think? Well somebody got their hands on her diary. A copy made its way to Project Veritas, which chose not to publish the story as it could not verify the source. Project Veritas turned the diary over to law enforcement and expressed its willingness to cooperate with authorities understanding that the diary might have been stolen.  Sources indicate that Ashley abandoned the diary at a house in Delray Beach, Florida. Even in Mayberry, Andy and Barney would not investigate a lost diary as it is a non-crime. If Ernest T. Bass stole the diary, Andy and Barney likely would not spend any resources investigating the theft as they have more important things to do. This clearly isn’t a federal matter, yet the FBI showed up at a Project Veritas reporter’s house as well as its publisher, James O’Keefe, with a battering ram and seized all of their computers and devices. These are outrageous Gestapo tactics. Why? Does the diary indicate that our “Sniffer in Chief” sexually abused his daughter?  Obviously, the FBI wants to intimidate this news organization, using the brute force of the federal government as Joe Biden’s personal attack militia. Surely, the FBI has sifted through all of Project Veritas’ files to find out what other damaging stories it might print. It wants to find Project Veritas’s sources and intimidate them.  If past is prelude, it wants to look for a crime or a hook to fabricate a crime against Project Veritas and its founder, James O’Keefe. Project Veritas just exposed another pedophile scandal at CNN. Did the FBI finally decide to indict John Griffin because they couldn’t keep the lid on the story, knowing that Project Veritas would likely blow it open?

The new alleged CNN pedophile is Rick Saleeby. He is the producer of "The Lead With Jake Tapper." He too is a sick bastard who deserves painful testicular excision. Saleeby, who is married, confessed to his “sex worker” mistress his desire to have sex with his underage step daughter as well as said sex worker’s underage daughter. He expressed himself in very graphic terms in voice and text messages. There is also video. What is apparent in the sex worker’s story is that Saleeby does not see his paid lover as a real person.  He can tell her his sick and perverted fantasies because she in his mind is a worthless nobody and poses no threat to him.  Aren’t good progressives supposed to help the down and out?

To quote Lewis Carroll, it gets curiouser and curiouser. Jeff Zucker is the president of CNN. It does not take much work to find pictures of his wife Caryn and Ghislaine Maxwell hanging out, laughing and having a good time in multiple settings in multiple venues. In 2019 when the Epstein story was breaking into the public’s consciousness, CNN seemed to completely ignore the revelations. Why? Flight logs indicate that Bill Clinton took 26 trips on Epstein’s Lolita Express. Why is it that the movers, shakers and glitterati all seem to have connections to perverts? Something is rotten in Denmark folks.

I am not a cheerleader for the Republican Party. I think it has an overabundance of empty suit weenies, hiding and whimpering in the corner whenever duty demands that they have a backbone. Yet, the Dems have gone full blown cultural Marxist and represent a radical leftist agenda that I loathe and detest with all my being.  CNN is the mouthpiece for this movement.  It creates the cultural and social narrative that directs the gullible and disenchanted on how to be a good progressive. I can’t wrap my head around all the perversion and pedophilia in the news. I am sure that there are sick bastards who also identify as Republicans, but it certainly feels as though we are witnessing something akin to an explosive “fashion craze” where those on the radical Left think it is cool and trendy to violate social norms and conventions that have been in existence for millennia. Remember in 2016 when the Wikileaks emails exposed the Podesta brothers’ invitation to Marina Abramovic’s “ Spirit Dinner?” To be fair, no one knows if the Podesta boys attended or if they did what Marina put in the food that night. Some will discount this VIDEO merely because it appears to have been produced by Info Wars, and I admit it makes a few biased assumptions that may be unwarranted. But have you Dear Reader ever been invited to a Spirit Dinner or even know anyone who may know someone who has?  Does the mere suggestion of putting human blood, sperm and breast milk in food during a performance art gathering strike you as a fun way to spend a Friday night?  Why is it that so many leaders of the Left seem to have so many associations with unsettling “perversions.”  In trying to connect the dots, I have some thoughts.

The radical Left simply does not adhere to the secular law or any sort of law that derives from a divine authority. The ends always justify the means. If the Constitution gets in their way, they trash the Constitution. If widely accepted Judeo-Christian values obstruct their plans, they ridicule the faith.  The Left wants to destroy everything that kindles their hatred. They want to be their own deity and sit on a throne of their own making where they are not shackled or feel the need to be obedient to anything but their own narcissism. I think this drives them to engage in the verboten. I think by engaging in the verboten, this solidifies their belief in their godlike status and their victory over the old God who they never wanted to obey.

I apologize to the many liberals and Democrats that this analysis may offend as I know there are millions of good people who vote for Democrats. However, y’all have an ideological and evil cancer within your midst. You would do us all favor if you took out your oyster knives and excised this malignancy.

Robert C. Smith is Managing Partner of Chartwell Capital Advisors and likes to opine on the Rob Is Right Podcast and Webpage.

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