Men Like Trucks, Which Is Why Justin Trudeau Hates Them
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When I think of Canadians, I think of toothless hockey players taking off their gloves and wailing on each other. I think of big strapping lads wearing flannel shirts bringing down mighty oak trees with a few swings of their ax.  Then there’s Dudley Do-Right and the Mounted Police. Fur trappers. Those dudes going off the ski jump in the old Wide World of Sports prelude. Big Prime ministers like Brian Mulroney. Tough dudes fishing off the Grand Banks in 50 foot sea swells. When we tried to take Quebec in 1775, y’all put up a hell of a scrap. I respect you fellows.

Yet, when I think of the biggest weenie on the world stage, I think of Canadian Justin Trudeau. How can such a great country of rugged individualists have a prime minister who loves to play “dress up” in costumes from his mother’s attic? This weekend a 45 mile plus convoy of 100,000 truckers descended on Ottawa in protest of Trudeau’s mandate that all truckers be vaccinated. All along their route from Alberta east, hundreds of thousands of loyal Canadians lined their highways in support of the “Freedom Convoy.” Justin sneered that the truckers were a fringe group and held “unacceptable” views. Earlier in the week, Trudeau called the truckers white supremacists and misogynists. I guess if you are used to dressing up in your Mama’s clothes and having all the other kids tease you for being a Sallyboy, then it is easy to think that anyone who doesn’t want to play house with you is a misogynist. Rather than meet with the truckers, Judy, I mean Justin, decided he had suddenly been exposed to Covid and to quarantine himself. As of this writing he and his family have fled the capital and are in hiding. Remember when George VI left London during the Blitz? Me neither.

I just can’t understand how a country that  produces John Candy, Pamela Anderson, Gordy Howe and Mike Myers can have such a weenie for its Prime Minister? Trudeau’s sneering condescension towards the truckers is startling.  He clearly thinks that truck drivers are mean, boorish brutes who should just do what their betters tell them to do. My guess is young Justy was beat up by fellow classmates for wearing sailor suits and running around the playground  with his pinkies in the air. He identifies his childhood tormentors with truckers.  It has now been reported that Trudeau despite being triple vaxxed, has Covid. So let’s get this straight. The guy who talks like Inspector Clouseau and causes a national calamity by insisting that truck drivers get vaxxed so they won’t get Covid has Covid himself,  despite being triple vaxxed? This is the type of baffoonery that would warrant a new Pink Panther movie.

My guess is Justin has never driven a stick shift and has never even met anyone who drives a pick up. I have some street cred on this issue. In high school and college, I had a license to drive a 10-wheel truck. I got paid to deliver loads of lumber on flatbed trucks, and to pick up and distribute loads of sand and gravel in huge dump trucks. My CB handle was “Basketball Jones.”  I kept my license intact for decades even though I didn’t use it.  Who wouldn’t want to be at a bar smoothing on an attractive lass and causally mentioning that you were licensed to drive a big truck?  Well, that probably doesn’t appeal to Justin, but most guys who don’t play with dolls or use transgender bathrooms identify with trucks. I have licenses to practice law, sell real estate, investments, life insurance, annuities, health insurance, property and casualty insurance and other products. Having a license to drive a big truck is much cooler than all these other licenses. There’s a reason there are about 6 million country songs about trucks. Men like trucks, which explains why Justin Trudeau hates trucks. Men love it when they are driving down the interstate and  good trucking songs come on the radio. Trucks signify the open highway, freedom, independence and not having to answer to anyone else.

By the way, what do Kid Rock and Justin Trudeau have in common? Zip. Nada. Zero. Kid has a new song out blowing up the charts, We the People ( parental discretion advised). I don’t think it will be on Justin’s playlist.  I wonder what songs are on Justin’s playlist? Barney the Dinosaur? The Internationale? Billy Don’t Be a Hero? Muskrat Love?

I went on Wikipedia and read that Justin has a Bachelor of Education degree.  Nothing screams incompetency and uselessness more than an education degree. Justin is qualified to sit in the teacher’s lounge, smoke cigarettes and eat chocolate cake.  Great preparation for a world leader. 

Not only have I driven a few big trucks, I passed out in the lounge of White’s Truck Stop in Raphine, Virginia on multiple occasions. White’s was ½ way between Hollins College and the University of Virginia. Hollins is what used to be called a “girls’ school.” White’s was a great spot to gnaw on a gravy biscuit and get a little shut eye at 4 am in the morning on nights when an extended stay invitation at Hollins were not forthcoming. My experience with truck drivers is that they are pretty nice folks. I have never had a truck driver scream at me for not wearing a mask or for standing within 6 feet of him. I have had them help me when broken down on the side of the road. I don’t remember Skinny Jeans Justin ever helping me. I have never had a trucker shut my business down or hold me on the ground and inject me with an experimental drug.

Now Justin and his state controlled Canadian Broadcasting Network are putting forth the supposition that the Freedom Convoy is a Russian operation to destabilize Canada. So as if Judy has not insulted the truckers enough, in addition to calling them racists, women haters, a fringe group with unacceptable views, he now is saying they are all a bunch of KGB commie traitors!

Boy, he really knows how to endear himself to his people.  Now the SOY BOY has a  CONVOY to contend with.

Robert C. Smith is Managing Partner of Chartwell Capital Advisors and likes to opine on the Rob Is Right Podcast and Webpage.

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