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We are ruled, indeed lorded over by the prissiest and most adolescent political class in the history of the world. Perhaps they have all been educated at our androgynous elite universities where everyone is expected to have hurt feelings and throw hissy fits, which of course entitles them to throw the good china at those who gave them the sniffles. Once offended, then all members of the Junior Cheer Team  must express their sisterhood and goose step their rage in unison. Boo Hoo! I once dated a gal and if she thought I didn’t like her new shoes, well in her mind, that meant I hated her. And then in return, she needed to hate me. If I said anything nice about her ex-husband, in her mind this meant I hated her and wanted to kill her.  For me to be on her team, I had to like everything she liked, and I had to hate whoever she hated.  But, I don’t hate anybody! That got me in trouble too, merely by keeping my mouth shut and not bad-mouthing others meant that I was a secret agent for the people she hated.  In her mind, we likely met in dark alleys wearing trench coats and sunglasses to discuss why we didn’t like her new shoes. I have a lot of knuckle-headed friends. Sometimes they do stupid or immature things (which is probably why I like them). The crazy girlfriend would dislike them for the one less than perfect thing they said or did, and ignore the other 99  good things they did.  The unhinged Left is one big CRAZY GIRLFRIEND.  If one doesn’t like their new shoes, then that person is Hitler.

Speaking of Hitler, he was a brilliant orator and also a decent artist. Under the Crazy Girlfriend Rule, now the dominant legal tenet of the Left and the “Uniparty,” the utterance of these observable facts based on empirical evidence makes me Adolf Eichman’s evil twin brother. No amount of facts or logic gets in the way of their unhinged emotions and immutable prejudices.

I watched the Putin/Tucker Carlson interview. The Left went apoplectic. It seems it’s a crime to listen to someone else’s viewpoint, especially at certain elite universities. It is my understanding that the Board members of the Harvard Corporation just voted to change the Latin inscription on their moto from “Veritas” to “Insanis Amica Rego.” 

Sun Tsu said “know your enemies.” I don’t like referring to Russia as an enemy because if we didn’t have so many Crazy Girlfriends running our government Russia likely wouldn’t be our enemy.  In all manner of human relationships, it is critically important to understand what makes people tick. What are their hot buttons, what are their soft spots? I have never had any negotiation with anybody without doing my homework to understand how that person thinks.

The most striking element of the Carlson interview was the contrast between Putin and Dementia Joe. Putin spoke about Russian history for 25 minutes in a very calm and methodical manner. Biden could not talk about American history for 25 seconds without tripping over his diminutive weenie.  While Putin’s methodical delivery of his history lesson illustrated a sharp mind, he faltered by not decanting his message into a conclusion that would explain his invasion of Ukraine.  Yes, Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire in 1654, it shares a common language with Russia, both countries revere the Eastern Orthodox religion and at least 1 out of 3 Ukrainians has family ties in Russia. All salient points, but to what end? Yes, in many respects Ukraine is an artificial country whose borders have changed multiple times throughout history. Yet, this is true with lots of countries.   Although he didn’t say it this succinctly, I think what he meant to say was Ukraine has been a part of Russia for centuries and what we are experiencing is a civil war caused by the West meddling in Ukraine in an effort to weaken Russia. While that argument has some credibility, what I discerned was an emotional argument, one of national pride. There’s hardly ever been a war where human pride did not get in the way of logical remedies to resolve the reasons such war was started in the first place. Pride goeth before the fall, and all diplomats and nations fall prey to this innate and very human condition. 

Putin’s narrative was very much weakened by not addressing Russia’s more modern history; Napolean’s invasion of Russia in 1812 and Hitler’s invasion in 1941. These two armies rolled right through Ukraine towards Russia and the death and destruction the Russians experienced is almost unimaginable. Our Crazy Girlfriends are too busy doing their nails to understand the implications of history.  “Yuck, history, how boring, turn the channel to the Golden Bachelor!”  Certainly, Russia has very legitimate concerns relating to their western flank and a justifiable desire to prevent meddling foreigners from harming  Russia.

Putin glossed over certain aspects of Ukrainian history, such as its 1917 -1921 civil war with the Soviets and Stalin’s collectivization of the kulaks. Immediately before 1917, Ukraine was a bloody battle ground between Russian and German/Austro-Hungarian forces. When WW I ended, Ukraine formed the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic and shortly thereafter a union was formed with the Ukrainian People’s Republic.  By 1922, Ukraine became one of the Soviet Republics. The misery in Ukraine had just begun. Stalin orchestrated his Kulakization policy, enslaving and killing landowners and seizing their land for collectivization efforts. Then he started the Holodomor, a man-made famine that killed millions of Ukrainians. Thus, there are plenty of reasons for the people living in Ukraine who are of multiple nationalities and ethnicities to hate being ruled from Moscow, but yet again, many of these “Ukrainians” were part of the ruling elite in Moscow. It’s complicated, but if one is not a Crazy Girlfriend, one can disagree with a Vladimir Putin, but still understand his motives, especially when such motives are imbued with innate human sensitivities that aren’t always constructive.

Putin might be a thoroughly bad guy and a megalomaniac. Napolean was a megalomaniac, responsible for at least 3.5 million deaths in Europe. He has a giant arch dedicated to him in Paris.  Mmm, I’ll save an analysis of this dichotomy for another time. Unlike today’s Crazy Girlfriends, at no time did the British and coalition forces ever stop trying to understand Napoleon’s personality.

Putin’s parents lived through the siege of Leningrad, where 1.5 million Russians died, most of them starved to death. People ate human corpses to survive. During the “Great Patriotic War,” the Soviet Union experienced  27-40  million deaths. Putin was born just 7 years after the war ended. This enormous misery inflicted upon Russia, not to mention the incredible sacrifice of the Russian people fighting to defeat a foreign invader cannot help but be permanently fixed in the Russian consciousness. It is an indelible place holder in Putin’s mind.

Instead of being a Crazy Girlfriend, why not try and figure Putin and Russia out? As a southerner, nothing pisses me off more than the no nothing Ivy League elite insulting my ancestors. It makes me want to charge down Brattle Street and bayonet those sons of bitches. For the most part, these are the same Crazy Girlfriends who run our government with their self-righteous and monolithic views devoid of any semblance of reality.  I can only imagine how the Russians feel when the woke virtue signaling Karens bastardize the Russians in their unhinged binary view of the world.

The Ukrainian War was totally preventable. The Minsk Accords settled the conflict and then our government nixed the agreement. Washington insiders, the Biden family among them, have all kinds of corrupt business deals with Ukraine, including investments in bio-chemical labs. One has to wonder if our involvement is a product of keeping the unsavory activities of the Uni-Party from coming to light?

Putin might be a thug, a crook and a murderer, but why in the world should he not be a Slavophile and a Russian Nationalist? If I were he, I would be one too. Our own government constantly lies to us. Why should we believe anything it says about Ukraine? Official administration policy is that anybody can change their sex by merely stating they are of the opposite sex. People this delusional are running our foreign policy.  They are Crazy Girlfriends on steroids, unhinged and unable to calmly assess the nuances of a realpolitik world.

The truth is Ukraine is a mess. It has been overrun by the Greeks, Romans, Huns, the Scythians, Sarmatians, Vikings, Mongols, Lithuanians, Poles, Ottomans, Swedes, Frenchmen, Germans, Romanians and Czechoslovakians, the Bolsheviks and the Nazis.

Since the beginning of time, there has only been one way to prevent hostilities between people who have historical and bloody grievances among themselves, and it ain’t by being an unhinged Crazy Girlfriend. It is through free market economic policies and trade. Cromwell killed 500,000 Irish, stripped them of their land and told them that their religion sucked. During my lifetime, 350 years after these events, Protestants and Catholics hated each other. When Lord Mountbatten was murdered, it seemed the problem was intractable. Then in the mid-90s, the Celtic Tiger appeared, a radical change in economic policy that favored wealth creation, property rights, free trade and foreign investment. Suddenly the hatred stopped. The ability to pursue economic and personal happiness creates order and peace among nations.

Our Crazy Girlfriends feel threatened when another woman has a nicer pair of shoes. They think they are enriched if other women are poor. Adam Smith was not a Crazy Girlfriend. He understood what was good for France was good for England at a time when they hated one another. Economic cooperation and helping other countries become rich helps the United States and prevents war. If the United States was as bold in promoting true capitalistic principles as it is in promoting war, there would be a lot more wealth in the United States and a lot more peace around the world.

War destroys billions of dollars of productive assets and wipes out much needed human capital. Crazy girlfriends don’t want others to have Balenciaga purses or Christian Louboutin shoes. When Crazy Girlfriends run your country, they don’t want other countries to be rich and have nice stuff. That’s ass backwards economics. What’s good for France is good for England.

Robert C. Smith is Managing Partner of Chartwell Capital Advisors and likes to opine on the Rob Is Right Podcast and Webpage.

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