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Should College Be More Accessible?

Discussing the Fed study which shows 44 percent of college graduates are in jobs that do not require a degree, with Ankeet Ball, Columbia University Democrat, and John Catsimatidis, NYU College Republicans president.

Rogers: Washington Lies About Inflation

When Larry Kudlow says there's no inflation even though central banks are printing money, Jim Rogers disagrees, saying inflation is going "through the roof" and Kudlow doesn't realize it because he doesn't do his own shopping.

Has Paper Currency Failed America?

Lew Lehrman, chairman of The Lehrman Institute and author of "True Gold Standard," believes that America's 40 year experiment with a fiat currency has been an abject failure and if the nation is to thrive, we must get back on the gold standard immediately.

Lazear: Worst Recovery in History

Ed Lazear, former Council of Economic Advisors chairman, says the current economy continues to struggle.

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