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Wells Fargo Testimony Doesn't Pop Financial Industry Conference Bubble

At the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association meeting in Washington, D.C. this week, Wells Fargo didn't come up, despite CEO John Stumpf's painful testimony across town.

Why the Federal Reserve's Credibility Has Vanished

The Federal Reserve's credibility is dwindling, especially after keeping rates unchanged on Wednesday, but investors don't seem to mind, especially with the Nasdaq hitting a record high following the Fed's decision.

UPS CFO: The U.S. Consumer Is Saving the Economy Right Now

Robust spending online during the holidays helped shipping giant United Parcel Service (UPS) deliver the goods to investors, despite a slowdown in the U.S. economy. Shares of UPS popped by as much as 3% on Tuesday as fourth quarter earnings came in at $1.57 a share, surpassing forecasts for $1.42 a share. Total revenue for UPS’ U.S. domestic package business increased 2.6%, with the segment’s operating margin improving to 13.1% from 11.4% a year ago. Average daily shipments in the U.S. rose 2.4%. The company completed deliveries to 1.9 million new addresses in December, showcasing the impact from the ongoing rise in online shopping. UPS estimates that 60% of its shipments in December in the U.S. went straight to consumers. Even with the solid holiday season in the books, UPS remains mindful of the mixed conditions in the U.S. economy in part caused by the rout in oil prices and turbulent stock market. TheStreet’s Brian Sozzi reports from Wall Street.

Cramer Was Right--They Know NOTHING!

Here's the story about how Jim Cramer's 2007 "They know nothing" rant caught the Federal Reserve's attention and what we now know six years later.

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Buy: $4 Citigroup
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Investors, Shoppers Love Target
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Forget Gold, Buy Silver
Ignore Buffett, Buy Chevron
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2 Gold Stocks Poised to Skyrocket?
Citi worth $5, Even $10
Economy: Half Full or Half Empty?
Charlie Gasparino's Heroes and Villains
Jim Rogers Talks Gold
Is Gold a Bubble?
Russian Stocks Rocketing
Holmes: Gold Will Hit $2,300
BRIC is Back? Energy "Crisis" Jolts BRIC Stocks
October 2009
A Winning Oil Stock?
Avoid Smart Grid Stocks?
Shiny Future for Gold ETFs?
Pepsi Hits the Spot: China Watch
Follow Einhorn, Buy Gold
Bullish on Wells Fargo?
Refining Stocks: Oil Trade
Bove: Goldman Will Pass $200
Trade Chinese Currency Manipulation
Is WYNN a Winning Play?
Jim Rogers Talks Gold
Ritholtz: Don't Bail on Stocks
Banks Profiting from Bond Rally
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Consumers Shopping Smarter, Says Tix CEO
2 Bullish Housing Stocks
September 2009
Natural Gas: Bull or Bear?
Are Gold Prices Going to Skyrocket?
Is the REIT Surge For Real?
FDIC End Run on Bank Bailout
Buy Gold on Pullbacks?
The Two Most Dangerous ETFs?
Peter Schiff Talks Dollar, Gold, Economics, Politics
Currency Traders Rising As Dollar Falls
Should Investors Start Locking in Gains?
They Just Don't Get Best Buy!
50 Cent Gets Fierce In Business
How to Play the Global Recovery
Wait to Buy Gold?
Best Bonds for a Weak Dollar
Leveling the Playing Field: Equal Speed Trading
Gold's $1,000 Horizon
Land of the Rising ETF?
August 2009
Are Real Estate Buyers Coming Back?
Gold Will Hit $1,000
4 Unconventional Housing Stocks
Regulate CEO Compensation?
Buy Natural Gas, Sell Oil
Sizzling Solar Stocks
Buy These Chinese Stocks
Break Out or Break Down?
3 Financials to Buy
Buy Intel!: Against the Grain
Fed Helps Gold Rally?
Gold Struggles, Dollar Gains
Silver Runs, Gold Struggles
Fannie's Fun with Numbers
Inside Ben Bernanke's Brain
The Gold Bulls Rev Up
Cramer's Back-to-School List of Goodies
July 2009
Holmes: Gold Will Hit $1300
The U.S. Consumer & China
Oil ETF Not a Pure Play
China's Electric Car Power
Time to Buy Healthcare Stocks?
An Off Balance Sheet Shell Game?
Lehman's Collapse: An Insider's Take
Shiller Defends Housing ETFs
Dicker's Top-5 Natural Gas Plays
Is Treasury Shortchanging Taxpayers?
Avoid Oil ETFs, Buy Stocks
CIT Surprise Rescue
Undervalued Financial Stocks
Against the Grain: Sell Citigroup...
Beware of Leveraged ETFs
What Would You Say to Goldman's Lloyd Blankfein?
The Perfect Q2 Portfolio
Consumers Credit Card Woes
Hennessy: Top Recovery Stocks
Time to Buy eBay?
June 2009
Bear Case: Microsoft, Google, Amazon
Top 5 Natural Gas Stocks
The Mortgage Guys!
No Turnaround for GM?
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Callaway Gets a Hole-in-One
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April 2009
Government Calls the Shots
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How To Play The Swine Flu Panic In Stocks
Cramer: Buy The Four Horsemen
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Morgan Stanley Gets Slammed
Bank Stress Tests -- No Pass No Play
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March 2009
Financials -- Better Entry Ahead

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