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Will There Be a Bailout of Deutsche Bank?

Former German Economics Minister KT Zu Guttenberg on the vice presidential debate, the economy, and the future of Deutsche Bank.

Good Time for Investors to Get into the Markets?

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management's Mary Ann Bartels on the state of the IPO market and the outlook for stocks.

David Stockman: Economy Is on the Edge of Ruin

Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman on Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's tax plans, the Federal Reserve, and the economy. Stockman delivers his usual doozies. Watch the whole video.

The Largest Wealth Transfer in History Has Begun

The King's College economics professor Brian Brenberg on the $3.9 trillion expected to transfer from Baby Boomers to Gen X and Millennials.

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September 2016
Ken Fisher: Why This Bull Market Is the Most 'Joyless' in History
August 2016
Will the Fed Hike Rates in September?
July 2016
Former Fed Chair Greenspan: Euro Has Become a Failure
June 2016
Is the Democratic Party Shifting Away from Capitalism?
Former Fed Vice Chair Alice Rivlin on Investors Eyeing Rate Hike
Robert Shiller on the Outlook for Housing
May 2016
Is There a Housing Bubble Looming?
Dave Stockman: U.S. Has Been Living Beyond Its Means for 30 Years
How Trump Could Impact America's Economy
Cost of Regulations Piling on Small Business
April 2016
Kashkari: We're Running Out of Time to Solve Too Big to Fail
Is Trump Correct? Are We Headed for a Massive Recession?
March 2016
Art Laffer: It's Been "Worst Recovery Ever" Last 8 Years, "Just Deadly"
February 2016
Bob Doll: 2016 a 'Frustrate the Bull, Frustrate the Bear' Sort of Year
Neel Kashkari: Only Reason Wall Street Survived Is Because the American People Stepped In
Wheel of Politics: Socialism vs. Communism
Faber: Central Banks Remind Me of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
Donald Trump: I've Already Sold a "Tremendous" Amount of Stocks
Ben Stein: Republicans Are to Blame for Huge Deficits
June 2015
Murray Energy CEO: Pope Is Condemning People to Poverty
July 2014
Grant: "There's Certainly Going to Be a Big Problem"
June 2014
Millennial Unemployment Hurting Housing?
What Does Iraq's Renewed Turmoil Mean for Oil?
Forbes: The Fed Doesn't Understand Money
May 2014
Roubini: We're At Beginning of a Credit Bubble
April 2014
Fracking Will Save the Planet Before Solar & Wind
March 2014
McCullough: Yellen a Hawk? Dount Count On It
Gasparino: Banks Prep for 'Chain Reaction' Meeting
February 2014
Fed's Fisher: Market Slide Won't Deter Taper
January 2014
Did Bernanke Save U.S. from Depression?
December 2013
Rivlin: What to Expect as the Fed Begins to Taper
November 2013
Taxpayers May Lose $12B on GM Bailout
October 2013
Android Devices Most Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks
September 2013
Free Burgers for Gov't Workers?
How Much Is Johnny Manziel Worth?
The Secrets of the Federal Reserve
Beware of Kinder Morgan & MLPs?
A Breathalyzer for Your Smartphone?
August 2013
McDonald's Causing Spike in Chicken Wing Prices?
What Will MidEast Unrest Do to Oil Markets?
Are Foreign Stocks Better Bet Than U.S.?
Ford EPA Revamp Just the Tip of the MPG Iceberg?
July 2013
Temporary Jobs the New Normal?
Chang: China Headed for Crash in 6 Months
June 2013
Stockman: This Isn't Going to End Well
Shiller: I Wouldn't Call it a Housing Boom
May 2013
Is the Market Overly Obsessed With the Fed?
Laffer: ObamaCare Won't Make It
Dobbs Sounds Off on IRS
Time to Be a Bear or Bull on Gold?
Is Twitter Ready to IPO?
Is the Fed Creating a Stock Market Bubble?
April 2013
Big Summer Market Pullback Coming?
Allison: Most Disappointing Recovery in Modern Times
Skepticism About Housing Recovery?
Positive Trend for Stocks Despite Selloff?
Dimon: Prepare for Rapidly Rising Rates
Mauldin: Is France the Next Cyprus?
Dobbs: Go to a Red State if You Want a Job
Tamny Fires Back at Stockman
Biggest Bubble in Fixed Income?
March 2013
Larry Fink Wooing Geithner?
What if America Didn't Exist?
Schiff: Printing Money Will Doom the U.S.
The Martha Stewart of Marijuana?
Gasparino: Feds Still Have Sights on SAC's Cohen
February 2013
Gas Prices: Media Coverage Double-Standard?
Social Security: At Risk of Running Out of Money?
Faber: We Could See a 1987-Like Market Crash
Wall Street Flocks to Florida
Dobbs: China's Economy Vs. U.S.
Natural Gas Would Compete with OPEC
iPhone Apple's Downfall?
January 2013
Shiller: Don't Count on Another Housing Boom
Cavuto: Lawmakers Dancing Around Debt Problem
Behravesh: U.S. Downgrade Very Possible
Low VIX : Cause for Concern?
Is It Time to Get Bullish?
More Tax Hikes Coming?
December 2012
Taxing Muni Bonds: Recipe for Trouble?
Wallison: Why We May Be Going Over the Cliff
Ben Stein on Potential Dividend Tax Increase
November 2012
Why Are Unions Targeting Wal-Mart?
Krugman's 'Fair Share': 91% Tax?
Will We Avoid Going Over the Cliff?
Deja Vu? 2012 Looks a Lot Like 2008
Payne: A Nation of Takers, Not Makers
Worst Election for Wall Street in Decades?
Obama to Bankers: I'm Serious About Deficit Reduction
October 2012
Ken Feinberg on the Financial Impact of Sandy
Would Taxing the Rich Have Any Impact on Debt?
China Waging War on Romney?
Brown: $31B Has Left CA in Last 15 Years
Frightening Fiscal Cliff "What Ifs"
Huckabee: Economy Will Decide Election
Small Business Still Concerned About Obama
John Allison: Is Government to Blame for Woes?
90 Days Until Fiscal Cliff: Will We Go Over?
Israel Serious About Attack on Iran?
September 2012
Faber: Bearish on Nearly All Assets
Is Housing Recovery Back on Track?
Could Reagan Repair Economy in 4 Years?
Americans Too Lazy to Work?
Student Debt Growing at $3,000 Per Second
You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?
August 2012
What's Driving Up Gold Prices?
Jon Corzine's Next Step: Hedge Fund?
Laffer: Ryan Best Thing to Happen to U.S. Politics
$10,000 Gold in 5 Years?
Why Buffett Is Betting Big on Housing
Is Further Fed Action Ahead to Help the Economy?
July 2012
"Spending Ourselves Into Oblivion"
More Money, More Problems?
8,753,935 Americans on Disability
Is the Fed Out of Ammo?
Oil to Fall to $60 a Barrel?
Vocation School vs. Higher Education
Gasparino: Barclays Could Break Up
Get Used to Slow Growth?
Get Ready For Taxmageddon
Economy Creating Stressful Work Environment
June 2012
Europe Biggest Threat to Obama?
Sperandeo: Obama Defeat = Market Rally
Bolton: Germany Won't Open Its Checkbook Again
Schiff: Worried About Europe? What About U.S.?
November's Impact on Potential Tax Hikes
Clinton Undermining Obama?
Fed Guilty of Economic War Crimes?
May 2012
Stockman's Not-So-Sunny Economic View
Why It's Time to Buy JPMorgan
Facebook Overhyped?
Is U.S. Headed Down Europe's Economic Path?
Cavuto: Hollande a Game-Changer
Gasparino: Wall Street's Facebook IPO Concerns
April 2012
Markets Headed for Disaster in 2013?
NYSE, Nasdaq Chiefs Discuss 'Dark Pools'
March 2012
Does ObamaCare Math Add Up?
Is Deflation the Biggest Economic Risk?
Top 10 Stocks of the Last 20 Years
Impact of Potential European Recession on U.S.
Bonds: Early Stages of Bear Market?
Prechter: Trouble Dead Ahead
February 2012
Will Gas Top $4.11 Record?
We've Reached a Bottom in the Housing Market
Good Weather Pushing Markets Higher?
January 2012
Grandich Bets Big on Gold
2012: Year of the Foreclosure?
Intel Charges Into Smartphone Market
Stocks to Short in 2012
U.S. Economic Recovery Picking Up Speed?
Are Canadian Bonds a Great Bet?
Weight Watchers Targets Men
December 2011
Why Investing Is Dead
Should We Revive Glass-Steagall?
The "Risk On, Risk Off" Obsession
Housing Even Worse Than We Thought?
Is Your Money Safe With a Brokerage?
Did Obama Prevent a Depression?
iPad 3 on the Way?
Sonders: U.S. Economic Recovery?
D.C. Has Nerve Telling EU What to Do
Treasury Market Next Bubble to Pop?
Paul O'Neill: Benefits of Consumption Tax
Should the U.S. Be Bailing Out Europe?
November 2011
Fitch Sovereign Ratings Head on U.S. Credit Rating
A Portfolio That Works in Any Market?
Bob Doll on Super Committee Failure Fallout
Where Has Jon Corzine Gone?
Investors Overreacting to Europe?
Gulf Oil CEO on the Keystone Pipeline Delay
College Costs Rise Over 1025% Since 1980
The Truth About the 1%
Plosser: Europe Biggest Threat to U.S. Economy
Are Unions Hijacking Occupy Wall Street?
Will Gen-Y Change Housing Demand?
Is MF Global Guilty of Criminal Activity?
October 2011
Pickens: Doubtful Euro Bailout Will Solve Problems
Don King Visits Occupy Wall Street Protestors
Former Coke CEO: America Is Overregulated
France's Sarkozy Tells British Prime Minister to 'Shut Up'
What is the Risk of a Double-Dip Recession?
The Hypocrisy of the Wall Street Protests
Middle-Class Squeeze Isn’t a New Problem in America
U.S. Economy Not Facing a Double-Dip Recession?
Gas Prices Getting Ready to Rebound?
Rep. Ron Paul on GAO Audit of the Fed
Living Well on $40,000 a Year?
September 2011
The Secret Gov't Bank That's Financing More Solyndras
Coke CEO: Easier to Do Biz in China Than U.S.
Laffer: Obama's Call for "Fair Share" is Ridiculous
Faber: We're Headed Into a Recession
Irish Deputy PM: Key to Growth Is Restoring Confidence
The 'Buffett Tax': Fact vs. Fiction
Is the 'Buffett Tax' Dead on Arrival?
Is Washington Regulation Killing U.S. Companies?
Issa: U.S. Regulations Hurting Job Growth
Lutnick: BofA Axing 30K, We're On a Hiring Spree!
Buy Stocks That Benefit From Inflation?
August 2011
East Coast Oil Refineries Mostly Unaffected by Storm
CBO Projects 8% Unemployment Until 2014
Is China a Threat to the U.S. Economy?
Barton Biggs on the Markets and Economy
Will Obama's New Plan Be More of the Same?
Do Unemployment Checks Really Create Jobs?
How Australia Regained its AAA Rating
Mark Cuban on the Markets, Investing
Fear Leading Economy Into Double-Dip Recession?
Get Ready for QE3?
Should We Fear July Jobs Report?
July 2011
Fetch a New Home in Phoenix for $65,000?
National Debt: Greatest Security Threat?
Be Careful What You Post on Facebook?
Is Risk of Default Just a Scare Tactic in Debt Talks?
Could Marijuana Save the U.S.?
Would You Buy a Ferrari for $18 Million?
Would You Leave Wall Street to Start a Business?
Herman Cain vs. Barack Obama
Too Much Economic Risk to Invest in the Markets?
Blame "Generation X" for Unemployment Problems?
Is Borrowing from your 401(k) a Bad Idea?
Ron Paul: America Is on the Road to Serfdom
Worst Recovery Since Great Depression?
Is $150 Oil on the Way?
Should D.C. Paychecks be Cut?
Three Reasons Regulation Is Killing Business
June 2011
Drilling Company Fears 5-Inch Lizard
Amazon May Leave California Over Sales Tax
Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2012
How Can We Bring Tech Jobs Back to the U.S.?
Should You Only Invest When Congress is in Recess?
Peter Schiff on Potential for QE3
Could the EU Really Break Up?
Housing Worse Today Than During Depression?
Gasparino: New Bank Doomsday Ahead?
Get Ready for an Ice Age?
What's the Secret to Texas' Stellar Job Growth?
6 Million Users "De-friend" Facebook
GOP Playing Debt Limit Chicken?
California to Lose Thousands of Jobs for 3-Inch Fish?
Embrace the Rat Race?
Kissinger on China's Growing Economic Strength
DSK's Lawyers Attempt "Blame the Victim" Defense
May 2011
Is Home Ownership Dream a Thing of the Past?
The Growing Headwinds Facing the Economy
When Will Politicians Get Serious About Debt?
America's Financial Model Not Sustainable
High Gas Prices Pinching U.S. Consumers
Is the U.S. Post Office the Next Bailout?
Does Your Religion Impact Your Income?
O'Donnell: We Are Not in a Treasury Bubble
So, Are We in a Bull Market or Bear Market?
Stovall: Buy Into Defensive Stocks
Is Euro Zone Crisis Spreading?
Domino's Pizza CEO on Rising Food Prices
Still in Early Innings of a Bull Market?
Weak Dollar + Unrest + Debt = Rising Gas Prices
Hits Keep on Coming for the Economy
Price Pain at the Pump Coming to a Plateau?
Ligotti: Impact of Rising Gas Prices on Consumers
April 2011
Is the Muni Market Dead?
Why Does Fed Insist There Is No Inflation?
IMF: Chinese Economy to Overtake U.S. in 5 Years
Will Gas Prices Cost Obama the White House?
Apple iPhone Infringing on Your Privacy?
Silver Spoon Getting Tarnished?
Will Washington Heed S&P's Warning?
Taxation is Theft?
Will Inflation Ruin Economic Recovery?
Is 'Taxing the Rich' a Serious Solution?
Pickens: We'll Cut OPEC in Half in 5-7 Years
Bashing Capitalism = Bashing American Dream
When Will Inflation Curtail Consumer Spending?
Auerback: Debt Not a Problem for the U.S.
Feldstein: Economic Impact of a Shutdown
At What Point Will Oil Prices Hurt the Economy?
Will Fed's Policies Change Anytime Soon?
How Tax Cuts Can Create Jobs
How Do Lotto Winners End Up Bankrupt?
March 2011
Gasparino: Right Using Whitney to Advance Agenda
Does Social Networking Help Stock Prices?
Is Obama Turning U.S. Economy Into Greece?
Kosar: We are Over-Bought on Stocks
Washington's $14 Trillion Dollar Ponzi Scheme
Why is Obama Pushing Drilling in Brazil, Not U.S.?
Meredith Whitney Changes Tune on Muni Defaults
Ben Stein: Japan Doesn't Need G-7's Help
Betting on Japan's Recovery? Tread Carefully
Gas Stations Using Crisis to Gouge Consumers?
Gulf Oil CEO: Saudi Arabia is the Game Changer
Forbes's Booming List of Billionaires
Want a Cup of Starbucks? Pay With Your iPhone
Cavuto: Inflation Has Arrived
Nouriel Roubini vs. Meredith Whitney: Who's Right?
February 2011
Message to Americans: All You Do is Take!
Will Middle East Unrest Bring Back '70s Gas Lines?
Hoenig: Fed's Lone Rebel Dissenter
'Average Joes' Take on Soaring U.S. Debt
Should We Be Rethinking Emerging Markets?
Has America Lost Its Competitive Edge?
Gasparino: Whitney's Prediction Doesn't Add Up
Are People Giving Up on Jobs?
Holland: Market & Economic Outlook
Will Dumping Unions Save States' Budgets?
Pickens: Egypt is Another Wake-Up Call on Oil
January 2011
Cavuto: Interest on Gov't Debt Costing $4B a Day
Are Muni Bonds on Thin Ice?
Does Higher Minimum Wage Help or Hurt?
Is Obama Moving More To the Center?
Debt Ceiling Debate Getting Nasty
What Steve Jobs' Move Means for Shareholders
Is There a Growing Need for Inflation Protection?
Intel Posts Better Than Expected Earnings
Greenberg: AIG Will Be a Different Company
$5 Gas By November 2012?
U.S. Becoming More Business Friendly?
How Many Subscribers Will iPhone Bring to Verizon?
Cavuto: $14 Trillion and Counting
Varney: Time to Get a Grip on Spending
December 2010
Will Obama's Reforms Lead to Greek-Style Riots?
October 2010
Tips for Investing in TIPS
Fannie, Freddie and Barney Frank
Stein: Chamber "Aa American As Apple Pie"
Oliver Stone Takes on Capitalism
September 2010
Boozy Bailout Bucks Up in Smoke?
Blockbuster Files For Bankruptcy Protection
What Exactly Is "Rich"?
Can Republicans Really Cut Spending?
Marcus: America Looks Worse than Ever
Trump: We Need to Extend Bush Tax Cuts
3 Stocks to Set Your 'Site' On
Is It Time to Dump the Penny?
Stockman: Stop the Tax Cuts
David Malpass on Impact of Higher Taxes
Do Politicians Understand Tax Cuts?
Zuckerman: Gov't Didn't Do Enough With Stimulus
August 2010
India Sees Fastest Economic Growth in 2 Years
Are Dems Jumping Ship on Higher Taxes?
Cavuto: U.S. Will Lose Triple-A Rating
Are Municipal Bonds the Next Bailout?
Cavuto: Economy on Verge of Double-Dip?
Is Washington's Spending Killing the Economy?
$1.3 Trillion ... What a Deal!
Municipal Bonds More Risky Than You Think
Following the Bull Markets
Ex-Lehman Exec on FinReg
July 2010
U.S. to Face Biggest Tax Increase in History
Can We Afford Cap-and-Trade in This Economy?
June 2010
Hank Greenberg on AIG's Government Bailout
Reducing Gov't Spending = Job Growth?
May 2010
Is Greece the Opening Act of Welfare State Crisis?
Why America is Not the Next Greece
February 2010
Pinera: U.S. Has a $100T Debt Problem
Blame the Baby Boomers for the Financial Mess?
Do We Need a Fair Tax?
January 2010
Raymond James CEO: We Need Regulation
IPOs in 2010: What to Expect
Brown Victory Upsets Democrat Majority
eReaders: Apple’s Tablet vs. Amazon's Kindle
Will Kraft Raise its Offer for Cadbury?
Rudy Giuliani on Bank Bonuses
California Seeks Billions from Washington
2010 Consumer Electronics Show Preview
Ford CEO: We'll Be Profitable in 2011
Kraft/Cadbury Deal Hits Major Speed Bump
Inflation is Coming...
December 2009
Delaying GMAC's Pain?
Chrysler Dealer Striking Back
JPMorgan Reconsiders $2.3B HQ in London
Capital Limits Removed for Fannie & Freddie?
Small Banks Are in Crisis in America
2010 Is the Year of Housing Stabilization
It's Getting Harder to Be an Entrepreneur
Gov't Employees Making Bank During Recession
Mary Matalin: Global Warming is a 'Money Scam'
Merk: Where to Invest in the Markets
Forbes on Government Pay Regulation
Greece's Long-Term Debt Issue
November 2009
Congressman Calls for Geithner's Resignation
Is Housing Stronger Than it Seems?
Buffett On His $44 Billion Railroad Bet
October 2009
McCullough: Dollar Decline Doesn't Bode Well for Market
September 2009
What's Next for the Markets?
Cadbury Rejects Kraft's $16.73B Offer
August 2009
Obama Stands by Ben Bernanke
Wayne Angell Discusses Bernanke Reappointment
Did JPMorgan Know About Madoff?
Down Economy = Rise in Crime?
A Ticking Time Bomb in Commercial Real Estate?
Baby Boomer's Downsizing Trend
How Far Would You Go to Avoid Sales Taxes?
AIG Posts First Profit in 7 Quarters
Blue Chips Are Your Best Bet
Steve Forbes on Tax Hikes
Oil Prices Rise to One Month High
July 2009
Stovall: Outlook for Q2 Earnings
Russia, The U.S. Dollar & Obama's Trip
June 2009
Madoff Victim: He Deserves Life
Big Banks Too Big To Exist?
Economic Recovery? Not So Fast
$2 Gas By the End of 2009?
Mortgage & Credit Delinquencies Climb
Supreme Court Denies Chrysler Bondholder Appeal
Another Chance for Chrysler?
Dick Bove: The Banks' Push to Pay Back TARP
Is China Losing Its U.S. Lending Appetite?
GM's Bankruptcy and Your Wallet
Geithner Goes to China
May 2009
Debate: GM Bondholders Vs. UAW
Sotomayor's Effect on Business
BankUnited--Biggest Bank Failure of 2009
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? Tax Revenue Plummets
Banks Use Life Insurance Policies to Fund Bonuses
S&P's Stovall: Full Recovery This Summer
Millionaires Bolting High-Tax States
6 Insurers Tap TARP
The Future Health of the U.S. Economy
Why Are Oil Prices Heading Higher?
Do Fundamentals Support Higher Oil Prices?
Signs of Improvement in April Employment?
Uncle Sam's Cash For Clunkers Program
Chrysler Lenders Fight Back
Glenn Beck On Obama's Tax Loophole Plan
Dow's April Surge: Will Markets Take A Breather?
April 2009
Economic Strings Attached?
Market Recovery By 2010?
Feds: BofA & Citi Need More Capital
Chrysler Reaches Deal With UAW
Will Banks Make the Grade?
Ford CEO on Q1 Results and Outlook
Feds Announce First TARP-Fraud Case
Geithner Testifies About TARP, Banks
Coach K's Tips For Running a Successful Business
Ellison's Oracle To Buy SunMicrosystems For $7.4B
Playing the Blame Game
Is Goldman the Gold Standard?
Taxes: Separating Facts from Myths
PPI, Retail Sales Fall in March
John McCain on President Obama's Budget
Former SEC Chariman Pitt on Regulatory Overhaul
March 2009
New Era of Banks and Government?

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