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Why Do Americans Work So Much Compared to Other Countries?

American workers are dedicating more of their life to their jobs than their counterparts around the world. A new study finds that American's work more hours, retire later and take fewer vacation days than workers in other countries and put in nearly 25 percent more hours than Europeans. Bloomberg's Ben Steverman reports on "Bloomberg Markets."

Are Stanley Fischer and Janet Yellen on the Same Page?

In today's "Morning Must Read," Bloomberg’s David Westin and Tom Keene highlight comments from Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer on overshooting monetary policy. They speak on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas."

What a Democratic Clean Sweep Means for Markets

Richard Clarida, global strategic adviser at Pimco, examines the potential influence of politics on markets and looks at the role of monetary policy in suppressing volatility. He speaks on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas."

Will China's Yuan Weaken Further?

Tony Boyadjian, senior vice president of foreign exchange at Compass Global Markets, discusses the weakening Chinese yuan, China's GDP and his outlook for the Australian dollar. He speaks to Bloomberg's Rishaad Salamat and Haidi Lun on "Bloomberg Markets."

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August 2016
Apple: Five Years with Tim Cook
Europe, We Have a Problem
Paul Krugman: Monetary Policy Is "Pretty Ineffective"
Trennert: Monetary Policy Has Become "Actually Harmful," Central Banks "Arrogant"
Why We Could Be 'Very Close' to a Global Recession
The Single Most Important Brexit Chart You'll See
Why Natural Gas Could Be the Fuel That Changes the World
July 2016
Joseph Stiglitz: Apple's Profit Reporting in Ireland "A Fraud"
Alan Greenspan: We're in a State of Stagnation
Meet the Hedge Fund That Guarantees Clients' Money
June 2016
Schenker: Stick a Fork in the Fed, They're Done for the Year
Here's Why China's Economy Will Be So Hard to Fix
May 2016
Austan Goolsbee: There's a "Dark Heart" in European, Chinese Economies
Larry Fink: There's a 20% Chance China's Bubble Will Burst
April 2016
Is the Next Fed Rate Hike Coming in June?
The DJIA 19,600 Is So Pre-Crisis
How Strong Is the U.S. Economy?
How U.S. Companies Buy Tax Breaks
Roubini: Beginning of the End of the European Union?
The Great Distortion of Free Money From the Fed
March 2016
Roger Altman: "We're Not Going to Have a Recession"
Greenspan: I Haven't Been Optimistic in Quite a While
February 2016
Dave Stockman: Markets Are Going to Be Mauled by the Bear
Mohamed El-Erian: This Is Actually a Good Jobs Report
September 2015
Review: Tesla Model S P90D, Almost Perfect
Is Now the Time to Invest in Oil and Energy Stocks?
August 2015
Is This the Longest Expansion Ever?
Is Oil Heading as Low as $15 or $20 a Barrel?
June 2015
How the World's Power Markets Will Change by 2040
Why Subprime Loans Are Causing Concern for Auto Sales
Why the Nasdaq Is Surging to an All-Time High
October 2014
Shale Still Economical at $60 a Barrel
July 2014
The Once-Homeless Billionaire: Keys to My Success
June 2014
How the Clintons Reduce Their Estate Tax Pinch
Kathy Ireland: From Supermodel to Super Mogul
The Single Best Commencement Speech of 2014?
What Happens When Women Make More Money Than Men?
May 2014
Einhorn: Bernanke Answers "Frightening" During Dinner Chat
April 2014
Paul Krugman: Slack in the Economy Is Dangerous
6 Giant Red Flags That Get You Audited by the IRS
Asness: What Keeps Me Up at Night
Start Preparing for 'Dollar Doomsday'?
Holland: Putin More Important Than Any CEO Now
What's Causing the Tech Stock Selloff?
Roubini: Beware of U.S. Market Correction This Year
March 2014
Is China 'Clearly' in a Credit Bubble?
Summers: We're Losing Status as Land of Opportunity
Is China the Major Risk?
Roubini: How I'd Invest $1 Million Right Now
Can U.S. Economy Weather Winter?
Sneak Peek Into Google's $82M Airport
February 2014
Is Apple Looking to Buy Tesla?
Gross: China 'Mystery Meat' of Emerging Markets
The Portland Pimp Who Sued Nike Over Air Jordans
Why the Emerging Market Rout May Be About to Deepen
Can a $70 Light Bulb Change Your Life?
January 2014
Epic Car Fails: 5 Biggest Lemons of All Time
Expect Additional 10% Correction:
VIP Party Time Turns Into Nightmare at Tiny Airport
Does Tallest Tower Spell Doom for China's Economy?
Jullier: You Can't Fight the Inflows Into Equities
Sri-Kumar: Fed Is Causing a Stock Market Bubble
Faber Sees 'Gigantic' Asset Bubble, Slowing Growth
El-Erian: Jobs Report Puzzling, Worrisome, Shocker
December 2013
Are We In a Stock Bubble?
Ask a Billionaire: Eric Schmidt's 2014 Predictions
Stockman: Umm, There's a Big Stock Bubble
Is This Next-Gen Cop Car a Real-Life Batmobile?
November 2013
Who Can Eat 4,000 Pounds of Steak in Seven Days?
The Most Exclusive Supermodel Calendar in the World
Bill Gates in Tears Over Ballmer's Exit
Roubini: Watch These Bubbles About to Pop
Can This $136,000 Electric BMW Topple Tesla?
October 2013
Malmgren: There May Be No Exit From QE
How to Play Poker Like Einhorn in 4 Easy Steps
Is the Future of Beer Drinking This $340 Gadget?
Roubini: How I'd Invest $1,000 Right Now
Cortes: Greatest Risk Right Now Is China, Not DC
Fraternities Scuttle Proposals to Ban Freshman Rush After Drinking Deaths
Faber: There's No Safe Haven Left
El-Erian: Debt Default 'Catastrophic' for U.S.
Tesla on Fire...In a Very, Very Bad Way
Tesla Nightmare Sparked as Car Catches Fire
September 2013
Who Gets the Blame if US Government Shuts Down?
Twitter Vs. Facebook: Which Is More Valuable?
What Is the Future of Coal in China?
Biggest Fast-Food Calorie Bombs
Puerto Rico: Billionaire Paulson Makes Move
Faber: We Are in 'QE Unlimited'
Kotok: We're Being Set Up for the Next Crisis
500,000,000 Tweets a Day
Epic Fail: Microsoft's Internet Vision From 2000
This Teenager Claims to Have New iPhone
Will This Man's $1,200 Haircut Change Your Life?
$500,000 Robot Going After Johnny Depp's Job
Harvard, MIT Classes for Free?
August 2013
Kevin Spacey: TV Future Is Here, Get On Board or Die
Inside Elon Musk's $17,000,000 Bel Air Mansion
College Costs Up 400% Over 30 Years
This Apple-Red Ferrari Now Harder Than Ever to Buy
Zuckerberg's Facebook Page Hacked: Who's Next?
Charts: Apple Sure Looks Like the New Microsoft
Gross: We Are In a War, A Very Bloody Bond War
BlackBerry: Dinosaur in the Mobile Marketplace?
Introducing Elon Musk's Hyperloop
Google's Entire Mobile Strategy Rests on This Phone
Sergey Brin Backs $332,000 Burger?
July 2013
Who Is Winning Silicon Valley's Talent Wars?
Nexus 7 Review: Does It Beat the iPad?
How to Build a Warship for $528,000,000
Detroit: The City That Doesn't Work
Bernanke: No One Understands Gold
Elon Musk's Hyperloop: What We Know Now
Adam Sandler's Bad Movies Make Big Money
Rising Rates: How Will Banks Fare?
The (Extremely) Lucrative Business of Infidelity
How Much Do Hangovers Cost the US?
Shake Shack vs. Five Guys in Global Burger War
Cheaters: More American Women Admit to Adultery
Living Room Battle Looms as Google Gets Into Gaming
June 2013
Is the U.S. Facing the Mother of All Bubbles?
Why Are Apple Employees Headed for the Exits?
Faber: Believing Bernanke Like Believing in Santa
Have 10-Year Yields Gone Too Far, Too Fast?
Are Foreign Investors Done With U.S. Treasuries?
Hiss to Bliss: Extreme Spa Offers Snake Massage
Girlfight: The UFC's Million-Dollar Female Star
Get Used to U.S. Bond Yields Near 4%
Oil Supply Shock: Brent Going to $50
Is This Apple's Next Billion Dollar Business?
Blackstone's Schwarzman on Strategy, US Economy
Ross: 10-Year Treasury Runs Risk of 25% Decline
Sex, Drugs and Wall Street
Tiger Woods Nears New Nike Deal
Bernanke's Ten Suggestions for Princeton Grads
Hidden Billionaire Uncovered at Bass Pro Shop
May 2013
BofA: Sell Treasuries Before They Crash
And the Happiest Place on Earth Is...
Congratulations Class of '13, Your Degree Is Worth Squat
Fight Night: Hong Kong Hedgies Get Ready to Rumble
Apple TV Game Changer Is Definitely Coming?
Slow China Growth 'Bad News' for Global Stocks
Can Sears Be Saved?
Elon Musk: Traffic Gridlock Is Soul Destroying
Is Japan Exporting Deflation?
Hanson: Fed's Exit From QE Still a Long Time Off
Paul: Apple Deserves Apology From U.S. Gov't
How Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Is Radically Different
The Deep Sea Dive for 100 Billion Barrels of Oil
Sky Wars: 23-Ton Arrow Aimed at Boeing, Lockheed
iPhones on Planes Blamed for Navigation Disruption
Lamborghini's "Egoista": A One-Seat Car You Can't Get
Is the Commodities Party Over?
What Rush Limbaugh Costs Cumulus Media
Millionaire in Minutes: The Most Famous Heists Ever
Fed's Plosser: We've Dug Ourselves a Very Large Hole
Is Tesla the Next Apple?
Zervos: QE Unprecedented, Exit Will Be 'Messy Process'
Forbes: Why the Fed Fueled the Gold Fall
Why Can't McDonald's Offer Egg McMuffins All Day?
Holland: Buy Apple Stock
Payroll Surprise: Why Unemployment Report Is Good
Rally Ending?: NYSE Margin Debt Nears Record
Apple's Plan for Its Billion Dollar Cash Pile
April 2013
Taylor: Gold Close to a Buying Opportunity
The War for Oil
Bass: I'd Much Rather Own Gold Than Paper
Dixon Doll: Jobs Report an Opportunity for Obama to Lead
Fisher: 'There Is No QE Infinity'
Stockman: Fed Has Become 'Serial Bubble Machine'
March 2013
Faber: U.S. Creating Nowhere-to-Hide Bubbles
Stephen Roach on Banks, Economy, Fed, China
Breaking Down Details of the Cyprus-Troika Deal
Bitcoin Fever: World's Largest Online Currency
McNamee: Apple Is Innovating the Wrong Way
Time to Buy Apple After Samsung Frenzy?
How Did Samsung Come to Rule Smartphones?
Souped-Up Samsung Galaxy S4: What to Expect
Is $5 Dollar-a-Gallon Gas a Reality or a Myth?
Can Student Loans Ruin the U.S. Economy?
Ward: Why Apple Is a Great Opportunity Now
How Important Is the Jobs Report to Stocks?
What Does Goldman's Jim O'Neill Find Interesting?
Dudley: BP Open to Future Arctic Exploration
Are We in a Recession Right Now?
Where in the World to Invest?
Is the Party Over for Bonds?
Finally, a Way to Play the Student Debt Bubble
February 2013
Icahn Takes Latest Shot at Ackman Over Herbalife
Dimon: 'I'm Richer Than You'
Bernanke Stays the Course: How to Invest
Cash: The Heart of the Einhorn-Apple Fight
First Look at Apple's New iWatch
Is This 16-Year-Old Stock Picker the Next Buffett?
Why Mexico May Be the New China
Volatility Lowest Since Great Depression
Who Is Souring on Apple Stock?
'iWatch': Apple's Secret Weapon?
Cohn: Public Doesn't Understand Bond Risks
Is There a Case Against Standard & Poor's?
Fragile: The U.S. Housing Recovery
Are Fears About Europe Back?
50%: Employed College Grads in Sub-Par Jobs
January 2013
Greenberg: I Thought AIG Story Should Be Told
Bill Gates' Death of Spam Prophecy Coming True?
Stolen Tide Bottles Used as Drug Trade Currency
AAPL: Why Focus on Bad News Instead of Good?
Roubini Faces Music: Did Dr. Doom Get It Wrong?
Davos: Most Powerful Place on Earth?
Fisher: We Don't Want Inflation Raising Ugly Head
Can Computers Keep Getting Faster Forever?
JPMorgan Cuts Dimon Pay By 50%
Dell In Talks to Go Private: What's the Point?
Do China's Export Numbers Add Up?
How to Spot a Pyramid Scheme (It's No Ponzi)
The Major Challenges in the Global Food Fight
Yen Weakens to Lowest Since 2010
This Guy Turned $20K Into $2 Million (You Can, Too)
Apple to Release Something Never Thought Up?
December 2012
Where Is the Price of Oil Headed?
U.S. Investors Miss Out On $200B in Stock Gains
Ackman on Herbalife: Highest Conviction I've Ever Had
Are We Facing a Decade of Financial Repression?
Gundlach: Investors Should Hold Cash
Roubini: Weak U.S. Growth Ahead, Cliff Dive
Will Apple Continue to Fall in 2013?
Gross: Fed Policy Means 'Free' Debt for Treasury
Fink: Very Bullish on U.S. Economy
F-35: A Short History of the Costliest Fighter Ever
Why Apple's Heading Below $400
Greenspan: Painless Solution to Debt Is Fantasy
BYOD: Bring Your Own Device to Work
Blau: Fiscal Certainty Is the Most Important Thing
Altman: Optimistic Congress Will Solve Fiscal Cliff
November 2012
Warren Buffett Hams It Up on 'Daily Show'
Holland: Imagine If Simpson-Bowles Were Enacted
Block: Giving Up On China - Gov't Protects Frauds
Purves: Treasury Market Is Overbought
Trennert: What Worries Me About Europe
Soros, Paulson Buying Gold
Greenspan: Markets Will Crater If US Can't Solve Fiscal Cliff
Ron Paul: Washington Not Facing Reality
What Is the Profit Potential for Marijuana?
Faber: Expect Re-Election to Whack S&P 50%
Gabelli: No Way to Get Through Fiscal Cliff in Time
Peterson: Both Sides Have to Compromise
El-Erian: Romney More Nervous About QE3 than Obama
Chanos Still Bearish on China Despite New Data
October 2012
What Will Sandy's Cost to Economy, Insurance Total?
Did the Music Die for Pandora?
Langone: Vilification of Wall Street Is Disgusting
Problem? Apple Sales Up 27%, Profit Up 24%
Friedman: No End in Site for European Debt Crisis
Pachal: Windows 8 'A Massive, Radical Change'
Does High School Popularity Equal Bigger Paychecks?
Doctor Shortage Is Spreading in the U.S.
Holland on Black Monday Anniversary, Google
Going After Big Business Is Good Politics?
Bair: Pandit Exit 'Very Positive' for Citigroup
Pandit: Decision to Leave Citi Was My Own
Global Economic Distress 3.0 Looms
Friedberg: Apple Overrated; Market Calamity Coming
Goldman's Gary Cohn: Exiting QE3 'Will Be Painful'
Is Checking Facebook More Tempting than Sex?
Thiel: Austerity Coming, No Matter Who You Vote For
Cohan: Glass-Steagal, 35 Pgs, Worked for 65 Yrs
Roubini: Too Big to Fail Banks Worse Than Before
Blankfein: Always Prepare for the Worst
Woody Johnson: I'd Rather Romney Win Than the Jets
September 2012
Big Stimulus Coming in China?
Roubini: Europe Situation May Turn Disorderly
Does the Stock Rally Still Have Room to Go?
Keene on Bernanke: Never Seen This Type of 'Hatred'
Market 'Euphoria' Yet to Begin Over Fed QE3
QE3-Fueled Commodity Rally Inevitable?
Faber: Fed Policy Will 'Destroy the World'
Dimon: JPM Trading Losses Could Top $7.5B
Apple Debuts New IPhone 5
Roubini: My Blueprint for the Future
Joe Biden Attacks the 'Bain Way'
Gross: I'm Leaning Toward Gold Over Bonds
O'Neill: ECB Will Do What's Necessary to Save Euro
August 2012
Grant: We Live in a Hall of Mirrors
Gross: Expect QE3 'Relatively Soon'
Crouch: Economy Improves or Market Takes Hit
El-Erian: Global Recession Risk
Fed's Fisher: 'We're Pushing on a String'
Real-Life' Armageddon' Trade: Mining Asteroids
Sacha Baron Cohen Impersonating Sandy Weill?
High Frequency Trading's Future
July 2012
Investors Expect Fed Help, But Not Just Yet
Taylor: Euro Crisis In '2nd or 3rd Inning'
Single Best Chart: Are Analysts Too Bullish?
Roach: QE3 Is "Crack" and "It's Not Going to Work"
Is Wall Street's Party Over? These Chiefs Say So
Freak Weather Sparks Food Price Fears
Can You Trade Better Than a 6th Grader?
Europe Is Sooo Last Month...
Investor Fear: Economy Dependent Upon Politicians
Buffett: Loss Not Significant Relative to JPM
Where Are the Super-Rich Vacationing in 2012?
Achuthan: We're Already in Recession
Roubini: 2013 Perfect Storm May Surpass 2008 Crisis
Bye Bye Big Apple: Bank Jobs Leave New York
Fink: Fixing Europe May Take 8 More Years
Could Gold Hit $6000?
El-Erian: Markets `Rightly Rewarded' Europe
Billionaire Catsimatidis Bullish on JPM, Mitt Romney
June 2012
Roubini: We're Heading for Perfect Global Storm
Soros: Merkel Leading Europe in Wrong Direction
Greenspan: 'Global Slack' in Economy
Whitney: Dimon Antithesis of Blankfein
What Happens If Greece Leaves Euro?
$500B Jackpot: Who's Getting Government Dollars?
Papandreou: Greece Will Stay in Euro Zone
Faber: U.S. Treasuries Are Biggest Bubble Ever
Evil Speculators Pounding Oil Market?
Wall Street's Best-Paid CEOs
El-Erian: Global Leaders Are 'Losing Control'
How Much Lower Can the Market Go?
May 2012
What Steve Jobs Thought of Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook's IPO Flop: Decade's Worst
Facebook Flop Prompts Finger Pointing
Facebook IPO Signals a Market Top?
Faber: Market May Crash like '87
Keene: The Pain From Spain
What Does Austerity Mean for Ordinary Greeks?
Paulson Hedge Funds Take Hit on Gold Stocks
Feldstein: Stocks in Fed-Fueled Bubble
Greenspan: U.S. Stocks 'Very Cheap'
April 2012
Economic Throw-Down! Krugman vs. Ron Paul
El-Erian: Economy Having Difficulty Gaining Traction
Bernanke Takes on Krugman
Will Fiscal Cliff Warnings Spur U.S. Action?
Blankfein: "Shame On Us"
Weidmann: Soros Comments 'Ridiculous'
Volatility: FX Trader's Friend or Foe?
Cohan: Goldman May Face 'Problems' Long Term
Shilling: S&P 500 Will Drop 43% This Year
El-Erian: The Greatest Risk to Stocks
Bove: Volcker Rule `Makes No Sense'
Kelly: Stock Market Has Not Peaked
Goldman's Cohen: Stocks Likely to Gain Further
OECD: Euro Area Biggest Threat to World Growth
Faber on Stocks, Gold and the Fed
March 2012
Plosser: No Need for More Stimulus
Buffett Winning Bet Against Fund of Hedge Funds
Greenberg: Goldman's 'Change in Culture' Hurts Clients
El-Erian: Economy "Muddling Along"
Gross on Financial Repression, ETFs, Europe
February 2012
Cooperman: Don't Buy Government Bonds
Iran Oil Cuts: Europe Can Cope, World Can't
Dressing for Wall Street, Do's and Don'ts
Taylor: US Debt Will Explode Without Changes
El-Erian on Jobs: Structural Issues Aren't Being Dealt With
January 2012
How Facebook Makes Money
Geithner Says He Won't Serve Second Term
Morgan Stanley's Gorman: Complaints on Pay Cuts 'Naive'
PIMCO's El-Erian: QE3 Won't Work
November 2011
Branson: Now's a Great Time for Entrepreneurs
HSBC: Still Cautious on the Markets?
Altman: Very Low Expectations for Debt Committee
Mike Mayo on His Book 'Exile on Wall Street'
September 2011
KKR's Kravis on Private Equity Financing, Deals
Geithner: Obama Deficit Plan 'Best Mix' of Policy Choices
SocGen CEO Oudea on Bank Outlook, Europe Debt
El-Erian on Jobs Report: Grim & Scary
Roubini "We're Going Into a Recession"
August 2011
UBS's Harris on U.S. Economy, Stimulus
Kroszner on Bernanke's Speech, Fed Policy
Dr. Doom Smells Big Trouble Ahead
Bill Gross: My Hat Is Off to S&P
S&P Downgrades U.S. Credit Rating: Reactions
Ethan Harris: Economy 'Overwhelmed by Shocks'
Riley: U.S. AAA Rating Not 'Secure' Over Medium Term
Pimco's Gross Says 'We Are at a Tipping Point'
Russia Stands Out Among the BRICs
May 2011
Bill Gross: Don't Cry for Pimco
Gheit: Goldman & Morgan Stanley Manipulating Oil Prices
Chanos: I May Not Be Bearish Enough on China
Stockman: U.S. Is Advocating "De Facto Default"
El-Erian Talks IMF Scandal & Greece Default Risk
Pimco's Gross Talks Bonds, U.S. Deficit & Europe
Passport's Burbank on the Commodities Pullback
El-Erian: Investing Following Bin Laden's Death
August 2010
Macro View on the Markets
April 2010
Roubini Discusses Fed Policy, U.S. Economy
October 2009
Jamie Dimon: 'Better Regulation'
September 2009
Anti-Globalization Breakfast Club
How to Play Natural Gas
August 2009
New U.S. Home Sales Surge 9.6 Percent
Harvard Endowment Sets Aside Cash
Lifting The Veil On Swiss Bank Secrecy
July 2009
Honeymoon Over For Yahoo CEO
Why Does Goldman Flourish As Others Flounder?
CFTC's Gensler on Energy Market Speculation
AIG Keeps Profits, Taxpayers Wait
Insider's Look at High Frequency Trading
JP Morgan Joins Peers Boosting Bankers' Salaries
Gabelli on Healthcare, Autos and Retail
The Challenge of Containing Systemic Risk
Wall Street's Inflation Expectations
Titans: Morgan Stanley Vs. Goldman Sachs
Is Global Sentiment Turning Against Greenback?
Bernanke's Opening Statement
Summers: 2010 Growth 'In Doubt,' Urges Banks to Lend More
CIT's Deal With Bondholders
Yahoo, Microsoft Near Deal
IBM Profit Climbs 12%; Raises Full-Year Earnings Forecast
Porsche Power Struggle
Congress Grills Paulson On BofA/Merrill
CIT: Not Too Big To Fail
June 2009
Interview w/ Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm
May 2009
What the Future Looks Like for Banking
Green Shoots: To Believe or Not To Believe?
In-Depth Look at GM Bankruptcy Looming
In-Depth Look at Paying Back TARP
April 2009
Volcker: Economy Leveling Off, Stimulus Not Needed
The Inner Circle - Spotlight on Warren Buffett
An In-Depth Look at Bank Stress Tests
Inside Look at Credit Card Regulations
IMF: Losses From Global Crisis May Hit $4 Trillion
Sun Microsystems: From IBM to Oracle
In-Depth Look - Bank Of America Earnings
Goldman, Wells Fargo Exceptions To Rule
Chrysler's Nardelli Speaks on Fiat Partnership
Exclusive Interview with Secretary Tim Geithner
Fred Bergsten on the G-20 Meeting in London
March 2009
Randall Kroszner: Is Inflation Creeping Higher?

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