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The 3 Dow Stocks That Are DOWN Since 1999

Since the Dow first hit 10,000 in 1999, three Dow stocks are actually lower. Craig Johnson of Piper Jaffray and Mark Tepper of Strategic Wealth Partners discuss with Brian Sullivan.

DOJ's Fiduciary Rule Is a Win for Individual Investors

Ron Carson, founder and CEO of Carson Group, discusses why the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary rule is a win for individual investors.

RON CARSON: And most people say, "My advisor or my broker already [puts my interests ahead of their own interests]." And there's still mass confusion about this.

In a brokerage relationship, believe it or not, the rules of law do not require that they put the client's interests or your interests first, but simply that they disclose that the investment is suitable.

As a fiduciary, and that's what this new fiduciary rule is, is they're required by law to put your interests ahead of their own interests. This is the way our entire financial industry profession should be run and it's not.

Forget the Election and the Fed. There Are Bigger Market Risks

Founder and CEO of Carson Wealth Management Founder Ron Carson lays out what he sees as four market risks that are more important to pay attention to besides the election and the Federal Reserve.

Trump's Mnuchin: 'No Absolute Tax Cut' for the Wealthy

Steven Mnuchin, President-elect Donald Trump's choice for Treasury Secretary, says high-income households won't receive an "absolute tax cut" under a Trump tax plan. WSJ's Lee Hawkins explains.

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Can Markets Actually Predict Recessions?
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Faber: Market Will Crash, Just Don't Know Catalyst
Laszlo Birinyi: S&P 500 Headed to 2,100 This Year
Kiss of Death? Siegel Talks Dow 20,000
June 2014
Paulsen: This Could End the Bull Market
CNBC Host Accidentally 'Outs' Apple CEO Tim Cook as Gay
Siegel: Fed Just Gave 'Green Light' for Dow 18,000
Blankfein: Market Calm Can't Last
'Freakonomics' Author: Avoid This Trap!
May 2014
Renewables: The End for Nuclear Power?
Relax: Monterey Downgrade Won't Kill Shale Boom--Yet
China-Gazprom Deal: What Does It Mean?
Nouriel Roubini & Peter Schiff Duke It Out
Faber: I'm Worried About a Crisis Bigger Than 2008
Siegel: Why Stocks and Bonds Both Can Rise
April 2014
Faber: Market Set for Dramatic Correction
Cramer: These Stocks Are Toxic
El-Erian: Stocks May Get Rude Awakening
Gartman: 'Market Wants to Go Higher'
Yardeni: Still a Bull Market
Spencer: Now's the Time to Be Brave, Buy Stocks
Faber: 2014 Crash Will Be Worse Than 1987
Sam Zell: Stock Market Is Overvalued
'Scared' Dennis Gartman: Get Out of Stocks
3 Reasons Not to Worry about Energy Costs (For Now)
March 2014
"It's a Stock Picker's Market"
Byron Wien: There's Still Time to Buy Stocks
Jim Cramer Drills Down on Energy
Siegel: We're Only In 4th Inning of the Bull Market
Get Ready for the Dow at 6,000 by 2016
February 2014
Jim Grant: Stocks Set for Big Fall, Thanks to Fed
Cashin: 'Stampede Buying' or 'Severe Pullback'
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Jim Grant: Fed-Inflated Stocks a 'Hall of Mirrors'
Dow 20,000? Yes, Says Charles Schwab
Is QE Behind the Rally? Wien and Siegel Debate
November 2013
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Why Are Wealthy Fleeing China?
Meet 'Good,' the New BlackBerry Killer on Wall Street
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Faber: We're In a Worse Position Than 2008
Fleckenstein: People Are 'Being Fooled' Once Again
Cashin: Why I'm 'Frustrated' With Stock Market
October 2013
Gross: Stock Market, Asset Prices Are 'Bubbly'
JPM'S Tom Lee: You Should Keep Buying
Santelli's Cure for 'Snake Oil' Obamacare Deception
3 Reasons Ralph Acampora Is Worried About 2014
Hedge Fund Exec: Market Is Poised for 40% Drop
Faber: Fed Could Up QE to $1T a month
Cramer: 'We Are a Laughing Stock'
Bill Gross Discusses DC Dysfunction
Tepper: No Taper for 'Long Time' to Push Stocks Higher
Zell: 'End of Suburbia' May Nearly Be Upon Us
John Hofmeister: U.S. Has 'Long Way to Go' Before Energy Independent
Will U.S. Ratings Be Cut?
Lehman a 'Kndergarten Show' Next to a Debt Default
Rick Santelli: 'If I Were King...'
September 2013
Cramer: Take Cash Off Table Now
Cramer: Feds Are After JPMorgan Like Jimmy Hoffa
JPM's Lee: S&P 500 Hits 1,175 By Year End
Druckenmiller: Fed Robbing Poor to Pay Rich
Fink: 'Fed Had a Free Option to Do Small Tapering'
Kovacevich: TARP One of Worst Decisions Ever
Icahn: 'Apple Is Just a No Brainer'
Santelli: Where Are All the Good Jobs?
Marc Faber: Why a Correction Is Coming Soon
August 2013
Stephen Roach Warns of Global Economic Crisis
How High Will Oil & Gas Prices Go on Syria War?
Forget Syria. Libya Is the Real Energy Issue
Gundlach: This Market Is Just 'Fear & Loathing'
It's Not Easy Being Green, Just Ask South Korea
Are Earthquakes Really Caused by Fracking?
Shiller: Risk of Weakening Housing Market
Byron Wien: Correction Could Top 5%
Is Fracking Good or Bad for the Environment?
Bove: This Bank Is "Dead Money"
Is the Fracking Boom a Bubble?
Buffett Thanks BofA CEO for $5.3 Billion Profit
Are We Finally Starting to See Impact of Shale Energy Boom?
How to Properly Invest in Renewables
Who's Buying the Tesla Model S?
$300 Million Vintage Car Auction at Pebble Beach
Santelli: I don't Believe Government Inflation Numbers
El-Erian: Beware Market Risk
Lee: S&P 1,900 Possible in 12 Months
Kass: Why I Left Twitter
Siegel: Keep Buying. 'You Can't Lose'
Santelli: How Stocks Are Getting 'Goosed'
El-Erian: Fed Tapering Will Be for Wrong Reason
Watch for These 3 Important Market Factors
July 2013
Will Rising Rates Kill the Housing Boom?
What Are the 5 Biggest Stories for Investors?
Robert Shiller: Stocks Are in a Bubble
Pensions: The Next Great Investing Challenge
Art Cashin: Larry Summers' Candidacy 'A Ruse'
Schultz: I'm Not Losing Any Sleep Over Dunkin' Donuts
Holland: Dow 20,000 In Next Two Years
Meredith Whitney on 'Detroit's Vicious Cycle'
The Golden Rules of Fracking
SEC Charges SAC's Steven Cohen
Kass: 7 Reasons Why Market Is Topping Out
Expect $50 Oil By End of 2013
The Rise of $100,000,000 Homes
Santelli's 'Flower Rant' Against Bernanke
Holland: Dow 20,000 Is Not Crazy
Is "Egypt on the Brink of Collapse"?
June 2013
Gross on Bonds: Don't Jump Ship Now
Kass: Why I'm No Longer Short
Gartman: Gold Nowhere Near Its Low
Schiff: Why 'Vicious' Gold Rally is Coming
Heat: Rick Santelli Goes After WSJ's Jon Hilsenrath
Ron Paul: Gold Could Go to 'Infinity'
Billionaire Carlos Slim: Why 60 Is the New 30
Cramer: A 'Nightmare Scenario' For Markets
iPad-Powered Yacht, From NYC to London
Byron Wien Expects 'Trouble Ahead'
Uber Bull Turns Cautious?
Santelli: The Trouble With ZIRP
Greenspan: Time to Taper, Now
Kass: The Market Is Headed Much Lower
Faber: Don't Bet on New Market Highs
'Dr. Boom'? Roubini Sees Two Years of Stock Gains
May 2013
Cashin: 'Something Strange Is Afoot'
Santelli: Why Are Rates Moving Higher?
BlackRock's Fink: Dow 28,000 by 2019
Stovall: 5-10% Pullback 'Just a Matter of Time'
Tudor Jones: Never See as Many Great Women Investors as Men
Bear Doug Kass 'Staying the Course'
Gross: Fed Likely to Start Tapering in September
Yahoo's Mayer: We Didn't Pay Too Much for Tumblr
Cashin: This Could Send Markets 'Parabolic'
Facebook's 'IPO-versary'
Dalio: Cash & Bonds 'Terrible' Investments
Tepper: Short Sellers Better Have A Shovel To Dig Out Of Their Graves
Birinyi: S&P 500 Could Hit 1,900
Santelli: Keep IRS Out of Obamacare!
Cashin: Bond Vigilantes Coming Back?
Icahn: Dell Holders 'Literally Getting Screwed'
Dr. Doom Sees the Light?
Roche: Another Crisis Coming, Worse Than the Last
BlackRock's Fink: Investors Need to Be 'Heavily' in Stocks
Rick Santelli Fingers ObamaCare for Slow Jobs Growth
Buffett: Stocks Will Go 'Far Higher'
Acampora: Dow 20,000 Not Far Off
Munger: 'Bankers Are Like Heroin Addicts'
Doll: Markets Don't Want a Strong Economy
Worse Than 'Normal Correction' Ahead
April 2013
Andreessen: The Next Big Thing in Tech
Apple Bull Gets Cold Feet at Cash Register
Santelli: 'Danger' as Central Banks Buy Stocks
Chanos: China Bubble Growing Bigger
AP Twitter Account Hacked, Stocks Tank Then Rebound
Santelli: Are We Rewriting Economic History?
Why Apple Could Fall Another 20%
Fed's Lacker: If I Were 'Dictator,' QE Would End Now
Kass vs. Schiff: Feud Over Gold
Santelli: Is Gold Rumor Sparking Selling?
Cashin: 'Chilly Deflationary Wind' Blowing
Joe Kernen Calls Out 'Pompous' Bearish 'Blowhards'
Sam Zell: Stock Market Feels Like Housing in 2006
Dow 18,000? Yes, Jeremy Siegel Says
Gross: Beware of 'Monetary Red Bull'
Rosenberg: 10 Signs Market Is Overbought
Mobius: 'Tremendous Bull Markets' Here to Stay
Cramer on Jobs: I'm Struggling Here!
El-Erian: Central Bank Efforts May 'End in Tears'
Gross: Here's What We're Buying Now
Faber: US Stocks Could 'Crash' This Year
SAC's Steve Cohen Hiding Assets?
March 2013
Rogers: 'I Know It's Going to End Badly'
Biriyini: 'The Story Is Stocks'
Cramer: Call Me a Gold Bug
Retirement Housing Boom?
Volcker: Investors Overleveraged on QE
Gartman on Cyprus: 'Don't Mess With Russian Mafia'
McCullough: Fears Overdone, Bull Case Intact
Big Bear Turns Into a Big Bull
Whitney: 'You Have to Be Bullish'
El-Erian: Cyprus Bank Tax 'Two Sticks of Dynamite':
Greenspan: No 'Irrational Exuberance' in Markets
Faber: China's Colossal Credit Bubble Risk
Market Was Right: 'This Is Game Changer'
Gartman: I Was Wrong Exiting Stocks
Mohamed El-Erian: The Economy Is Healing
Can the Dow Keep Chugging Higher?
Who Really Moves the Markets?
We're in Housing Nirvana
Chanos: Avoid the Chinese Property Bubble
Cramer: A Rational Exuberance for Stocks
Has the Fed Been Vindicated?
One Reason 'Buffett's Bear' Is Short Berkshire
Buffett Still Sees 'Good Value' in Stocks
February 2013
Subway 'Wouldn't Exist' If Started Today: Founder
Topless Protesters Target Italy's Berlusconi
Cramer on Rally: 'This Thing Won't Die!'
Brown: Don't Exit Market Due to Fed
Fed's Bullard: Fed Policy to Stay 'Easy' for 'Long Time'
Gartman on Markets: I'm Getting Out
Langone on Debt: 'Rape of Unborn Children'
Welch: Stocks Are Only Option
Blankfein: This Could Be Threshold of a Bull Market
Santelli: Beware of Herd Mentality
Shiller: Stocks Better Investment Than Homes
Rogers: I'm Buying Something Everyone Hates
Is Washington Taking Its Toll on Markets?
Cashin: 'Two-Headed Monster' for Stocks
Goldman's O'Neill: US Stocks Look 'Very Favorable'
Gross: Beware 'Credit Supernova'
Bove on Banks: I Love Them All
Wien: Major Sell-Off In The Works
January 2013
Faber: Markets Will Punish Central Banks
Santelli to Fed: No More 'Bloodletting & Leeches!'
Lee: Dow Heading Toward 20,000
Billionaire Slugfest: Ackman vs. Icahn
Blankfein: Stocks Rally Despite 'People Under-Invested'
Treasury Secretary Geithner Through the Years
Gundlach: Apple 'A Broken Company'
Kass on Apple: Worst Is Yet to Come
Kyle Bass: Japan's 'Debt Time Bomb' Tell
Gorman: Stock Rally Still Has Legs
El-Erian: 'New Normal' May Be Nearing End
Germany Wants Its Gold Back From the Fed
Simpson: 'Little Guy's Going to Get the Green Weenie"
Paycheck Shocker: Where Did My Money Go?
Why 'Dr. Doom' Is 'Deeply Uncomfortable'
Bowles: 'Cliff' Deal A Missed Opportunity
Bullard: Economy, Not Date Drives Stimulus
Gross: 'Glum' Predictions for New Year
December 2012
Najarian: 'Completely Out of Everything'
Fiscal Cliff Failure = Recession?
'Fiscal Cliff' Defense Moves For Your Portfolio
Bartiromo: 'Are You Guys Just Incompetent, Or What?'
Shiller: Don't Await Housing Boom
What Cooperman Is Watching Next Year
Meredith Whitney: Why I'm Now Bullish on Banks
El-Erian: My Investing Advice for New Year
Santelli: US Debt: 'Numbers Are Staggering'
Cashin: Beware of Inflation in 2013
Another Decade of Crisis in the EU?
Peter Schiff: The 91% Tax Fantasy
Santelli: We Need Edward Scissorhands
Pimco's Gross: Looking for Growth ... and Risk?
Art Cashin: Why I'm Worried About 2013
Greek Greek Debt Deal 'Path to Disaster'?
Santelli: 'Don't Give Me the Switcheroo!'
November 2012
Sternlicht: $250,000 No Longer 'Rich'
Gartman: Why I'm a 'Cockeyed Optimist'
'Super Mario's' Best Value Plays
Is the American Dream in Danger?
Doug Kass Turning into Market Bull?
Amity Shlaes: Are We Repeating 1936-1937?
Santelli v. Liesman: Should Fed Leave Rates Alone?
Apple Bear Doug Kass Turns Bullish
Did Obama Win Trigger Market Selloff?
Rogers: Obama Win 'Not Good for Country'
Ross: China Bashing Is Overdone
Kashkari: Romney Win Good For Market
October 2012
What Will Be Sandy's Impact on Oil?
Pimco's Kashkari: Lots of 'Downside Scenarios'
Peter Schiff: Gold Is Going to $5,000
Forget the 'Fiscal Cliff', Beware of 'Monetary Cliff'
Julian Robertson: Stocks I Like ... And Don't Like
Kass: Apple's Best Days Behind It
Faber: West in 'Colossal Mess' in 5-10 Years
Who's Better for the Buck: Obama or Romney?
Santelli: Do the Math! Zero Jobs Created!
Shiller: Bernanke Can't Fix Housing
Wynn: My Employees 'Filled With Anxieties'
Kudlow: Romney's Going to Win Big
Paulsen: Two Catalysts for S&P 1500
Langone: Jobs Numbers Don't Square
Santelli: 'I Told You They'd Get It Under 8%'
Marc Faber v. Jimmy Rogers
Gross: US Addicted to Budgetary Crystal Meth
Zell: 'Stop This Class Warfare Crap'
What Are Estonia's Lessons for Europe?
Own Gold or Stocks?
September 2012
Apple: Use "Waze" Map App
Santelli: Putting the Brakes on Bain Bashing
Engler: Sobering Numbers From CEOs
Lindsey: Fed Virtually Funding the Entire Deficit
Diller: Facebook IPO Not A Failure
Would Meredith Whitney Buy or Sell Bank Stocks?
QE3 ... the 'Reverse Volcker Moment'?
Welch: 'Frightening' Romney Is Not Leading Race
Siegel: Dow 17,000 'Very, Very Attainable'
Cashin: Don't Fight the Fed
Santelli vs. Liesman on Jobless Rate
Feldstein: We're Going Over Fiscal Cliff
Zuckerberg: 'We Are a Mobile Company'
Rogers: They Teach You to Print Money at MIT
Santelli: Where Did Scotty Beam All the Unemployed?
Kass: Bearish View 'Unyielding'
August 2012
Schiff: Beware Real 'Fiscal Cliff'
Faber: Odds of Recession 100%
Fed's Bullard: Fiscal Cliff Deal Likely
Barofsky: TARP Was a Failure
Trump: U.S Has 'Lost Its Mojo'
El-Erian: Next 'New Normal'
New Depression Coming
Faber: S&P to Drop 10%, Sparking QE3 (Maybe QE4)
Fed's Fisher on New Fed Stimulus
Kass: Stocks Have Hit High For Year
Thiel Fellowship: School vs. Silicon Valley
Ryan In His Own Words on CNBC
Kashkari: 'Downside Risk' for Stocks
Sorkin: Don't Blame the Machines
'Knightmare' on Wall Street
ECB Leaves Rates Unchanged at 1.5%
ADP: Economy Adds 163,000 Jobs in July
Memo to Bill Gross: U.S. Equities Aren't Dead
Predictions Mixed Ahead of Fed Meeting
July 2012
What's the Government's Drought Strategy?
David Rubenstein on Glass-Stegall
Weill: Why Big Banks Should Be Broken Up
Bear Case for the Markets
Expect New 'Gimmicks' from the Fed
Mauldin: Don't Expect Fed to Save the Day
Schumer to Bernanke: 'Get To Work'
Faber Warns on China
Is the Worst Over for China?
Greenspan: Think In Terms of Two Separate Economies
Will Earnings Trigger 15% Drop?
Dueling Governors: Florida vs. Texas
June 2012
Gross: U.S. Still 'Cleanest Dirty Shirt'
O'Neill: Forget Europe, U.S. Poses Bigger Threat
Central Banks Manipulating Gold?
Cashin: 'Dark Cloud Over Global Economy'
Welch: 'We Should Be Doing Better'
Trump: 'Buying Opportunity' All Over Europe
Cramer: Dimon Is a Loser
Clinton: Avoid Fiscal Cliff at All Costs
Art Cashin on Dismal Jobs Numbers
May 2012
Santelli's Solutions for Europe
Ross: NatGas to Triple in Price
Rogers: Dollar Is 'Horrible' .. But I Own It
Roubini: Perfect Storm Could Hit U.S.
Gross Warns of Another U.S. Downgrade
Schiff: U.S. Coming Off Stimulus Induced High
April 2012
Shiller: We're in Age of 'Late Great Depression'
Cramer: Bad Time for Goldman
Siegel Defends Dow 15,000 Prediction
Levkovich: Market 'Accident Prone' Right Now
Gartman: Correction Is Due
2012: Year of Housing Recovery?
Cramer: Is Apple Too Powerful?
Sperandeo: Time to Be Conservative
Eddie Lampert: Risk 'Coming Back' to Markets
Fisher: Fed Not Ready to Tighten
Caruso-Cabrera: Cuba's Classic Pre-1960's Cars
March 2012
Jeremy Siegel: Dow 17,000?
Bove: Press Persecuting Goldman?
Schiff: Bernanke Is Public Enemy #1
Bernanke: Faster Growth Needed to Spur Jobs
Cashin: Misleading Economic 'Cheer'
Rosenberg: 'Weakest Recovery Ever'
Santelli on TARP: 'Saved? Come On! Grow Up!'
Whitney: Muni Default 'Tidal Wave' Still Coming
Trump: 'Amazing Time' to Buy a House
Kleintop: We're Due For 5% to 10% Pullback
Ackman: Investment Strategy & Outlook
Shiller: Possible Housing Bottom
Stockton: Time for a Correction?
Faber: Coming Sovereign Debt Crisis
Trennert: QE3 Is Coming
Andreessen: $500 Apple 'Certainly' Undervalued
Cashin: Optimism a Dangerous Thing
February 2012
Jim Rogers: 'Be Panicked About 2014'
El-Erian: Greek Rescue Will Fail; Euro Zone Will Survive
Austerity Making Europe More Sick?
Kass: Why I'm Short the Market
The Chinese Nuclear Plan for 2012
Santelli Disses Obama on Taxes
Wall Street vs. Silicon Valley in Talent Hunt
Charts: 50% Correction Ahead?
How to Invest in a Topsy-Turvy Market
Apple: Is It Too Late to Buy?
China Inflation Threat to Stocks?
Altucher: Apple Worth $1 Trillion
January 2012
El Erian: Repairing Global Plumbing
Will Americans Vote For Success?
Are Fat Cats Getting Thinner?
McCulley: We Are In a 'Liquidity Trap!'
Greenberg: 'Crazy Rumors Rocking Market'
Trader Vic: An Obama Win Would Whack Stocks
One-On-One with Jamie Dimon
Fed Secretly Bailing Out Europe?
December 2011
Rogers: No Reason for Optimism In Much But Ag
Kass: Market to Hit All-Time High in 2012
2012 "Grindingly Slow, Painful"?
Short Euro Too Crowded?
Holland: Stocks 'Ridiculously' Cheap
Julian Robertson: Printing Money Not the Answer
Rattner: Europe Nowhere Near Solution
Gartman: Gold 'Bull' is Dead
Europe a Preview of What May Happen in US?
Neel Kashkari: Bailing Out Europe
Trump: We Need to Become Rich Again
Will the Market Rally Continue?
Metallica Delays Tour Due to Debt Crisis
Railroad Strike for the Holidays?
Central Bank Action Good for Bonds?
November 2011
Bank Stocks at a Bottom? Or Worst to Come?
Bove: Why I Was Wrong on Bank Stocks
Time to Buy Morgan Stanley?
Another U.S. Credit Downgrade?
Market Playing with European Fire?
Gartman: $100 Oil Not What You Think
T. Boone Pickens: A New Energy Plan
Fed's Fisher: Banks 'Ahead of Curve' on Europe
What's Rattling U.S. Investors?
A Dark & Stormy Outlook on the Economy
Europe Is Headed for Certain Recession
Steve Wozniak on U.S. Entrepreneurship
Cramer: We Are Not Europe
Cramer: Stay with Dividend Stocks
What's Next for U.S.-China Relations?
Is the Housing Recovery Tied to Jobs?
Bove: Banks Will Go Up, Market Will Follow
Langone: OWS..."Babies in Adult Bodies"
How Will Groupon's IPO Do Today?
Solving Our Nation's Debt Problems
Mishkin: EU Needs to End Denial
Could Jon Corzine Face Criminal Charges?
S&P's Stovall: 32% 'Baby Bear' Bounce Likely
Billionaire Wilbur Ross Eyes Japan for Opportunity
October 2011
Will the Fed Launch QE3 This Week?
Is Italy the Next Lehman?
Market Set for Months of Bullishness: Technician
Are Markets 'Too Emotional' Over Euro Zone?
Moving Towards Euro Zone Break-Up?
WisdomTree's Michael Steinhardt on ETF Benefits
Paulsen: Expect All-Time Market Highs in 2012
Vietnam Stocks Offer 500 Percent Upside?
Avoid 'High Beta' Stocks Right Now?
RIMM: Will Blackouts Hurt the Stock?
Bear Market: Beginning of the End?
Gartman: Gold Giving Europe Thumbs Down
Dexia: Other European Banks to Follow?
Social Network Sites Reflect on Jobs' Death
Corker: China Bill "Terrible" Piece of Legislation
Hedge Fund Managers in the Billion Dollar Club
September 2011
Wien: Three 'Positive' Things to Watch
Texas Governor Rick Perry on Building Jobs
Still Time to Get Back Into Gold?
Why BofA Is a Battleground Stock
Unemployment Insurance Contributes to Jobs Problem?
Art Cashin: U.S. Stocks Bottoming? Not Yet
Stephen Roach: We Didn't Learn from Japan
Greece Will Avoid Default: Greek Foreign Minister
Goldman Sachs Cuts S&P 500 Year-End Target
Lehman-Type Europe Credit Crisis Overblown?
Bill Ackman: 100X Return in Hong Kong?
Schiff: Washington Standing in Way of Jobs
Is the U.S. Headed for Yet Another Downgrade?
Wilbur Ross: Jobs Plan Numbers Don't Add Up
Buy into This Rally, or Be Wary of a Trap?
Dick Parsons: U.S. Economy Needs Leadership
Zoellick: Euro Zone Leaders Need to Make Choices
August 2011
Weak Dollar = Weak Economy
Riding the Rally: Oil, Currencies & Markets
The Resiliency of Wall Street after Irene
Harvard's Miron: U.S. Economy in Very Bad Shape
Gartman: Gold Bubble Is Bursting
Kass: Everyone Is Too Bearish
Roach: Consumer Debt Forgiveness May Be Needed
Where Will the S&P 500 End in 2011?
Cramer: Was Last Week's Turmoil Just a Dream?
World Repeating Japan's 1997 Mistake?
Is China the New Safe Haven?
Are There Still Bulls--Waiting for Moment to Strike?
Santelli Chastises Meredith Whitney's Comments
Carl Icahn: Selloff Is Overdone
Trump: S&P Is Trying to Resurrect Reputation
Markets & The Economy Overview
President Obama: Things Will Get Better
Markets Sink in a Sea of Red
Is the U.S. Economy Grinding to a Halt?
What Should We Do Now After the Debt Deal?
Altman: Get Ready for Slow Growth Ahead
Fitch: Is the USA's AAA in Play?
Gartman: Deal Or No Deal, Two Trades Still Work
And The Debt Goes On...
July 2011
Langone: Obama 'Unpresidential,' 'Petulant' 'Dividing Us'
Elevation Partners' Roger McNamee Talks Tech
Does Wal-Mart Streaming Threaten Netflix?
Gulf CEO: Summer Pain at the Pump
Gabelli: Merger Mania in the Markets
Deja Vu? Is Market 'Distressingly Similar' to 2007?
'Dangerous Game' Being Played in Global Debt Crisis
Geithner: Certain of a Debt Deal
El-Erian: U.S. Needs to Get Its Act Together
Gross: Fed to Keep Rates Low for 'Long, Long Time'
Rogers: SIlver Is Going Much Higher
Roubini: 'Perfect Storm' Coming for Global Economy
Buffett Blasts DC's 'Silly' Game of 'Russian Roulette'
DoubleLine's Gundlach on 'Schizophrenic' Trading
U.S. In Same Boat as Greece?
Is the U.S. Tax Code Unfair to Rich People?
Maestro: Fed's Massive Stimulus Had Little Impact
June 2011
One-on-One with Peter Thiel
Rosenberg: U.S. At Risk of Post QE2 Downturn
Ralph Nader's Revolt Against Cisco
Is Your Money Market Fund Safe?
Proposed Bill Allows States to Legalize Marijuana
Bloom: 'Is There a Bigger Armageddon Out There?'
Laszlo Birinyi & Ken Fisher React to Bernanke Fed
World Bank President on Greece
Are Lower Oil Prices Here to Stay?
Greek Drama: Waiting Will Make it Worse
Could New Black Swan Lead to 40% Market Drop?
Housing: Near the Bottom?
Should Ethanol Subsidies Be Cut?
Ross: 'Bumbling' Economy Result of 'Meddling' From Leaders
Screwflation ... Average Americans Getting Squeezed
Welch: Slowdown, Not Double Dip
Cramer: Market Could Continue to Decline
Jamie Dimon Presses Ben Bernanke
Apoteker: Further Easing 'Lethal Cocktail' for Bonds
Job Growth Takes a Big Tumble
El-Erian: Why the Fed Is Unlikely to Do QE3
WHO: New Cell Phone Cancer Concerns
May 2011
U.S. Economy Gets Widespread Downgrade
Icahn: Wall Street "Back To The Same Crap"
DSK's Pricey New Manhattan Digs
Art Cashin & Traders Remember Mark Haines
The 'Bond King's' Big Energy Bet
Pete Peterson Talks Fiscal Solutions
A Debt Deal to Save America?
Bubble? Citi's Dick Parsons Talks Social Media
Prince Alwaleed: Beware of Debt 'Bomb'
Kass: It's Time to Go Long Japan
Gartman: Forget EU Debt Crisis, Look at Japan
Chanos: China Economic 'Facade' Showing Cracks
Goldman's Hatzius: Next US Recession Years Away
Will People Pay for Content?
Mobius: Europe Situation 'Does Not Look Good'
Where Is Leon Cooperman Putting $6 Billion?
Commodities Supercycle Is Not Over Yet
Dowd Flips CNBC the Angry Bird
Doug Kass: Housing Will Take Down Stocks
A Golf Ball That Guarantees a Straight Drive?
Stronger Yuan Won't Hurt China
Greece Is 'Playing Hardball'
American Job Growth Through Innnovation
Chanos: Beware of China
McCullough: Biggest Market Story is Dollar Crash
U.S. Debt Rating Should Be 'C'
Warren Buffett & Jack Welch on Bin Laden's Death
Daniel Yergin: Oil Outlook After Bin Laden News
April 2011
Is Buffett's Legacy Tarnished?
Is China Behind the Curve on Inflation?
Will Japan See a V-Shaped Recovery?
Can Anything Stop Silver's Surge?
How to Play a Stubborn Bull Market
Gartman: Shorting USD Would Be "Very Bad Decision"
Paul Allen ... "Idea Man"
Gingrich: Ben Bernanke Has "Done a Terrible Job"
McCullough: Dollar Decline Will Trigger $150 Oil
Fed's Plosser Optimistic; "Inflation Not Imminent"
Levkovich: Has Fear Returned to the Market?
Should Investors Fear U.S. National Debt?
Bouroudjian: 'Growthflation' Is Inevitable
Faber: Fed Is Clueless, Buy Gold
Hyperinflation in China?
Call of the Day: Short on Oil?
Steinhardt: Buffett Greatest PR Person of Modern Times
Berger: Still Bullish on the BRICs
Is the Bernanke Fed Making a Big Mistake?
Time to Dump Silver ... or Stock Up?
March 2011
Sokol: I Shouldn't Have Told Buffett I Liked Lubrizol
Jim Rogers Predicts Soaring Oil Prices
Would a President Pawlenty Be Pro-Growth?
Time to Short Oil?
Low Volatility Market Levitation
Lazear on America's Budget Woes
Have Equity Investors Grown Too Complacent?
Miller: The Market Is 20% Undervalued
Cramer: Market Marches Ahead Despite Worries
Are the Bulls Really Back?
Is Natural Gas America's Best Hope?
Gold Losing its Safe-Haven Status?
Biggs: Jumping Back Into Japan Stocks
Could Quake Pull Japan Out of Deflation?
Ferguson: Barack Obama Is the New Jimmy Carter
Dow's Worst Drop Since August...What's Next?
Levkovich: Global Inflation Risks Growing
Are Speculators Fueling Oil?
Will Rising Oil Prices Kill Bull Market?
Will Rising Oil Prices Derail U.S. Recovery?
Is the Fed Inflating Commodities?
JPM's Lee: $100 Oil Doesn't Matter
Ron Paul Confronts Ben Bernanke
Welch: Obama Move to Center All Talk So Far
Market Vigilantes to Cause 'Major Headwinds'?
February 2011
Rogers: Commodities Bull Market Still In Place
Cramer: $4 Gas Could Lead to Double-Dip
Kass: 4 Essentials for Correction Protection
Another Real Estate Bubble Forming?
Strategist: S&P 500 to Fall Even Further
Middle East Crisis Sends Oil Skyrocketing
Man vs. Machine: Will Robots Steal Your Job?
Growing Global Inflation Fears
Is Bahrain the Next Egypt?
Japan (Still) Locked in Deflation
Chanos: Whitney's Muni Forecast 'An Important Call'
PIMCO's Bill Gross on Egypt Turmoil
Northern Trust CIO: Rally Has More Steam
Is the Inflation Genie Out of the Bottle?
Cramer: Gold Has Bottomed -- Buy, Buy, Buy!
Time to Bet on the Dollar?
Betting on Munis? Brace for Volatility
Cooperman: Stocks 'Best House in Bad Neighborhood'
January 2011
Cramer: Egypt Speaks to Gold's Importance
Bear ETF Manager Reveals His Top Shorts
Rogers: Commodities Will 'Make A Fortune'
Coca-Cola CEO: Inflation 'Global Consequences'
Kilduff: Oil Could Go Even Lower
Darda: Eurozone Headed for Sharp Slowdown
Meredith's Muni Bond Meltdown Scenario: Paranoia?
Trump on U.S./China Relations
Why Did Households Take $90 Billion Out of Stocks?
Cramer: Investors Wrong About Citi's Quarter
Return of the Retail Investor?
Housing Turnaround or Double-Dip?
Doug Kass Shares His Market Insights
Portugal Pressured Over Debt
GOP's Cantor: We're Out to Cut Government
Bank of America: Are the Shorts Right?
Cramer: Dow to Climb 15% in 2011
JPM's Lee: Investing for the Next Decade
December 2010
Where the Wealthiest Americans Live
Oil Could Push to $110
Return of Runaway Commodity Prices?
Kass: 'I'm Moving To Net Short Position'
Selloff or Surge in January?
America Better Off Without Cash?
Kass: Beware of Gold in 2011
Pandit: Citi Investors May Need to Wait Another Year
Further Tightening from China in 2011?
Cramer: Is Apple Worth $430?
The Marilyn Monroe Economy
Yardeni: Global Economic Boom in 2011
Silver Price Is Going Past $50?
End of Obamanomics?
Down and Out on $250,000 a Year--Is That Possible?
Rogers: Some Euro Countries Are Bankrupt
Expect a Santa Claus Rally
Friedman: US Has 'Lost Its Leverage' in the World
El-Erian: European Debt Crisis 'Slow-Motion Wreck'
November 2010
Kass: Water Shortage Is Big Risk
Dennis Gartman's Top 3 Trades for 2011
Strategist: In Bailouts, Spain Will Be 'The Biggie'
Mishkin: 'Credibility of the Fed' Under Historic Attack
Time to Buy Irish Bonds?
The Brains Behind "QE2 for Dummies"
Bove: Market Doomed Because Of QE2?
Rep. Paul Ryan on the New Republican Agenda
Crisis Averted or Delayed at the G20?
Cashin: Fed's QE2 Starting to Look Like the 'Titanic'
Roach: Currency Fix Won't Fix Global Imbalances
Kass: The Market Has Hit the Top
Strategist: 'Huge' Bubble Brewing in Bond Market
Cramer: When Will the Gold Rush End?
How to Play the Game Changers: QE2 & Midterms
Irish PM on How Ireland Will Deal With Its Debt
Can Either Party Fix America's Fiscal Mess?
Two Huge Market Game Changing Events
Caterpillar President 'Very, Very' Bullish on India
October 2010
$150 Billion Won't Solve America's Problems
Cramer: There Is No Bubble in Gold
Time to Buy Chinese Banks?
Roach: China's Yuan vs. U.S. Dollar
Dollar at Risk of Becoming 'Toxic Waste'
Bremmer: G20 An Emerging 'Fight Club'
China's GDP Rises 9.6% in Q3
Rogers: Bank Balance Sheets 'Full of Rotten Stuff'
Lockhart: I'm in Favor of More Quantitative Easing
Are We Heading Towards Nationalized Housing?
Is Yuan Strength Hurting US?
Krugman: China Is 'Bad Guy' in Currency War
Barton Biggs Gets Bullish
Bove: Expect Lower Bank Earnings This Quarter
Fed Intervention Could Lead to 'Flash Crash'?
Mario Gabelli's M&A Market Insight
El-Erian: More Fed Action Coming, But it May Not Help
Martin Feldstein vs. Barack Obama on Taxes
FDIC's Bair: There's 'a Bit of a Bond Bubble'
Cramer: Gold Right Now Better Than Most Stocks
TARP Is Officially Over
Do Rich People Work Harder?
September 2010
Kass: 'Toxic Combination' Threatens S&P Gains
Whitney: States Poised to Be Next Credit Crisis
Kroszner: Fed Still Has Lots of Arrows
Tepper: Fed Intervention Will Make Everything Go Up
Buffett: "We're Still In a Recession"
Fed: Doing Right Or Dropping the Monetary Ball?
Roach: Where the Economy's Heading Next
Home Foreclosure Tidal Wave?
Euro Debt Concerns Will Return
Cramer: Four Bullish Signs
Mike Mayo vs. Citi
Roubini: 2H Growth to Halt
Geithner on Obama's Economic Proposals
Is a Flat Tax the Fairest Tax of All?
Appetite for IPOs Subdued
Trichet: Austerity Equals Confidence
Ferguson: Surprise Tax Cut Could Be in Cards
Is Asia the Best Place to Be?
August 2010
Are We Encouraging Unemployment?
Rogers: US Must Stop Printing Money, Copy Europe
One-on-One With Fed Hawk Thomas Hoenig
Cramer: 5 Obama-Fueled Fears of the Market
Kass: 'I Just Can't Be That Negative Now'
Second Round of Quantitative Easing Coming?
Barney Frank: 'Abolish Fannie and Freddie'
BHP Goes Hostile In Potash Bid
Future of Fannie & Freddie in Question
China Overtakes Japan: Is the U.S Next?
Markets in Washington Wonderland
Are We in a Bond Bubble?
Cramer: 'Fed Said Good Things -- Buy'
El-Erian: Fed Can't Do Much More to Boost Economy
Mario Gabelli's Market Outlook
Who Is Going to Run HP?
Is a Fed Policy Shift Coming?
Obama on Jobs and Small Business
Jobs Report and the Economy
Latest New on Goldman Sach
Fundamentals vs. Technicals
Ford Auto Sales
The Big Disconnect
The Bottom Line on Financials
Show Me Your Alpha
July 2010
Is America Turning Japanese?
Bill Gross' Investment Outlook
'Tremendous' Distress in Commercial Real Estate?
Cashin: 'Mountain' of Sideline Money Finally Moving
Roubini: EU Stress Tests Criteria Not Realistic
Can You Trust Europe's Bank Stress Tests?
Why It's Time to Get Out of Gold
Does Government Stimulus Hurt Business?
Gold: Worthless Rock or Really Good Investment?
Liz Ann Sonders on Stock Market Uncertainty
Cashin: If S&P Stalls Now, Bears May Seize Market
Was This a Big Win for Goldman Sachs?
Cramer: Don't Wait for US Recovery to Buy Stocks
Doing Business in China
Cramer: 'We've Seen the Lows for the Year'
Alan Greenspan on the Economy
BP Can Recover from Spill
What Would Happen if Fannie & Freddie Disappeared?
Death Cross: Cause for Concern?
Rogers: Bond Market Bubble, Disaster Developing
Greenspan: Recent Decline 'Typical' of Recovery
June 2010
Gartman: The World Hates the Euro
Austerity Cometh?
Cramer: Is BP Still Worth a Value Trade?
Supremes Side with Enron's Skilling
McDonald's: The Not-So-Happy Meal?
Art Cashin: Market Seeing 'Hints' of Double Dips
Darling: UK Budget is Taking 'Huge Risk'
Cramer: A Hurricane Would 'Finish' BP
Rally of '09 the Last Like That in Our Lifetime
Do Rising Tax Rates Spell Douple-Dip Recession?
Roubini: Double-Dip Risk Rising in the Euro Zone
Riding the Volatility Wave
Trichet: Euro is Very Credible Currency
Rogers: Time to Buy the Euro
Cramer: Why We Won't Revisit Dow 6,500
Could Gold Really Hit $7,000?
Is It Time to Buy BP?
6 Keys to a Sustainable Stock Market Rally
Is Steve Ballmer Wrecking Microsoft?
Ace Greenberg on Bear Stearns' Collapse
Silva: EU Bank Loan Losses Could Be $425 Billion
May 2010
Fitch Cuts Spain's Ratings to AA+
10 Reasons Why Markets Will Rebound
Is Spain Now in Big Trouble?
Zoellick on Europe's Debt Crisis
Roubini: Stocks to Fall Another 20%, Get in Cash
Cramer: Europe to Collapse in 48 Hours -- or Never
Time to Jump Into European Stocks?
Whitney: Avoid Banks 'At All Costs'
Cramer: 6 Reasons to Buy Gold Right Now
Gold Bull Vs. Bear
Cramer: Pessimism Right Now Is Good for Profits
Roger Altman on European Debt & the Markets
Titans: Apple at a Crossroads
EU Package Won't Cure Countries' Insolvency
Cramer: What the 1,000-Point Drop Means for You
Roubini: Debt Crisis May Spread to US, Japan
Markets Expect a Greek Default
Airline CEOs on Merger
April 2010
Ed Yardeni & Ken Heebner on Markets & Economy
Greek Bond Yields Soar After Downgrade
Mobius: Regulation Won't 'Kill the Golden Goose'
El-Erian: Greek Bailout Will Make Investors Cautious Again
Faber: Governments Will 'Bankrupt Us'
Testimony May Undercut SEC Charge Against Goldman
Should Investors Stay Cautious?
Is the Spirit of Reagan & Thatcher Doomed?
Are Airlines at Risk of Bankruptcy?
Wien: What the Recovery Means for Investors
Cramer: Market's Run Not Done Yet
Inside the Fed's Beige Book
Cramer: Are We Due For a Double-Dip?
Greek Debt Crisis 'Not Over'
Cramer: Did You Notice This New Market Move?
Bove: 3 Bank 'Buys' Ahead of Earnings
Fed's Lacker: Recovery 'Sustainable,' No Double-Dip
The Market's Reaction to Friday's Jobs Report
China's Thirst for All Things Luxe
Finally ... Jobs Return
Bear Market May Continue For 5-6 Years?
Expect Sub-Par Economic Growth?
March 2010
What Obama's Drilling Plan May Mean for Business
Eurozone Caught in a Catch-22
Jim Rogers on Oil, Gold and the Biggest US Bubble
Bill Gross: I Prefer Stocks Over Bonds Right Now
Risk vs. Reward: Doing Business in China
Cramer: What Is Google Without China?
Back to the 'Nifty Fifty'? Invest Like It's the '60s
Fed's Bullard: 'Extended Period' Puts Fed in Box
Are Wall Street's Best Days Over?
Ford to Rise More Than 20%?
Faber: We Have a New Gold Standard
Jim Rogers: Another Recession Is Coming
Pimco's El-Erian: Watch 'Known Unknowns'
Flashback: Dick Fuld's '08 Congressional Testimony
February Retail Sales Rise 0.3%
China Needs to Drive Consumption
Bove: Citi Stock Likely to Keep Climbing
Altman: The Biggest Risks Right Now
Roach: Jobless Rate Actually Stands at 11.5%
PIMCO's Bill Gross On Jobs
Greek Crisis Could Bring Opportunities
Dallas Fed's Fisher Speaks
Cramer: Signs of New Nat Gas Legislation?
How Are Luxury Carmakers Faring?
'Potent' M&A Rebound Coming
Buffett on the Economy, Politics
February 2010
Camden Fine: Supporting Volcker
Inflation Worries in Europe a Long Way Off
Short-Selling Rules Need to Target Predators
Holland: 4 Large-Cap Techs with Growth Potential
Is U.S. Housing Bouncing Back?
Debt Panic Was 'Storm in a Teacup'
Faber: China Will Drag Down US Stocks 20%
Barclays' Diamond: U.S. Recovery to Accelerate
El Arian: "Sovereign Balance Sheets Now in Play"
Google Goes Broadband
Another 5% Dip — Then 'Great' Stock Market?
Byron Wien's Market Outlook
Thain in Charge at CIT
Is Biotech Back?
Roubini: It Would Take a Crisis to Change Russia
Jim Chanos' Market Insight
Weissenstein: Time to Buy Large Caps
Barney Frank Named Porker of the Year
Will Toyota Bounce Back?
January 2010
Ferguson: Others Will Follow Greek Tragedy
Roubini: Asset Bubble Is Beginning Now
Bove: Market Crash if US Policies Continue
Cramer: Could Obama Cause 1K-Point Correction?
Faber: Obama Economic Policy 'Complete Failure'
El-Erian: Bank Curbs Likely to Spread Worldwide
Obama Moves to Restrict Wall Street Risk-Takers
Cramer: Brown Win Could Unleash 'Gigantic' Rally
The Fed's Exit Strategy
Stiglitz on the Cost of the Crisis
El-Erian: Market Not Facing Slow Economic Reality
Rogers: Food Shortages Coming, Buy Commodities
Kass: Investors Being Bamboozled By Bulls
Implications of a Strengthening Yuan
China Takes Top Exporter Spot
Mobius: Bull Run at Risk of 20% Corrections
Hedge Fund AQR Branches Out
Jim O'Neill: Recovery Will Be Stronger than Forecast
December 2009
Levkovich: Earnings Will Rise 16% Next Year
Strategist: 'Meltdown' is Coming for Bond Market
Trennert: The 2010 Market Outlook
The Decade of the Dragon
AIG's Bonus Debacle Continues
US Markets to Rise 10-12% in 2010
Does Inflation Roar Back in 2010?
Health Care Bill Passes Key Senate Test
'Tis the Season for Trading & Caution
Cramer: Citi Is Still a Buy
Bove: Citi Stock Offering a 'Terrible Error'
An Interview with Jim Chanos
Cramer: 6 Reasons to Buy Citigroup's Offering
ExxonMobil to Buy XTO Energy in $31 Billion Deal
Cadbury CFO: Kraft Bid 'Undervalues' Company
Citi to Repay $20B of TARP
Jim Rogers: Gov't Spending Is Like Tiger's Dating
Elizabeth Warren: TARP Not Meant For Job-Creation
Lee: S&P Will Reach 1,160 by Year-End
Gross: Fed Will Keep Rates Near Zero Through 2010
'You Can Make a Lot of Money' on Individual Stocks
Jobs Report Much Better Than Expected
Gartman: Expect Fed Jawboning, Not Hikes
4 Bank Stocks That Are in 'Good Shape'
Peter Schiff: Gold Will Hit $5,000
Trump: Time to Force Bank Lending
Are Commercial Property Fears Overblown?
November 2009
El-Erian: Govt's Must Take Steps To Avoid More Dubais
Gartman: Dubai Stock Market Fear Has 'Legs'
Dubai Fear is 'Noise' - Stay Fully Invested
Fed Under Fire...
Is a Bubble Forming in China's Property Market?
Mundell: Don't Buy Gold Now
Fear or Greed: What Really Moves Markets?
Stocks Held Hostage by Dollar?
Stealth Correction On its Way?
Bernanke at Economic Club of New York
Dennis Gartman: There's a Gold Bubble
Whitney: Stocks Overvalued, Recession Will Return
GM CEO on Govt. Repayment, Q3 Results
Exxon CEO: Weak Dollar Adding $20 to Oil
Is BofA Considering Jon Corzine for Top Job?
Fed in the Crosshairs
Jim Chanos & Robert Sloan: Lessons from Crisis
AIG CEO: I Remain 'Totally Committed' to Firm
Comm. Real Estate: An Orderly Massacre?
Costa: 'Not Drinking the Kool-Aid; Market's Way Ahead of Itself'
Strategists: Best Sectors Now
Forbes on Capitalism
Dollar Could Fall to All-Time Low vs Euro
Roubini: 'Mother of All Carry Trades'
Is Oil the New Reserve Currency?
China's Investment Boom
Ferry: Fed Should 'Come Off the Pedal' on Rates This Week
Wilbur Ross: Commercial Real Estate to Cause 'Tragedies'
Ford: On the Road to Recovery?
October 2009
Ablin: Beware of 'Donut-Based Recovery'
Art Cashin: Markets Will Rally if Dollar 'Behaves'
Bill Gross: Dollar 'Less and Less Desirable'
Rosenberg: Stocks 'Overvalued By At Least 20%'
Teddy Forstmann on the Future of Wall Street
Petrobras CEO: Oil Prices to Remain Volatile
Roubini: 'We Are in the Mother of All Carry Trades'
Wynn on Why Obama's Policies Are Bad for Jobs
Falling VIX a 'Very Bad Sign': Market Strategist
Bove: Housing Market Has Bottomed
Cramer's New Price Target for Apple: $300
Stocks Face 'Meltup': Strategist
David Rosenberg: 'The Market Has Gotten Ahead of the Economy'
Malpass on the Markets & Economy
Dow 10,000 Means 'Absolutely Nothing'
Goldman Beats the Street
Art Cashin: How Today's Market Is Like Dot-Com Bubble
Fed Unlikely to Start Raising Interest Rates for Years: Mishkin
Is Gold A Dangerous Investment?
Bair: More Banks to Fail; But Bailout Probably Not Needed
UK Banks are Still Struggling
Bove: Big Banks Look Good, Regionals to Take Hit
Stocks Could Push Above Fair Value
What's Ahead for the Stock Market and Dollar?
Alcoa Beats the Street
Pickens: Oil To Average More Than $80 Next Year
Bank Lending is Still Contracting
Unemployment to Rise Through Most of 2010: Roubini
We Must Lend More: World Bank Chief Zoellick
U.S. Faces Retro '70s Inflation: Jim Rogers
BofA's Ken Lewis Resigns
September 2009
Zoellick: One on One w/ the World Bank President
Wall Street Titans on M&A Resurgence
Xerox Snaps Up ACS in $6.4 Billion Takeover
Volcker Testifies on Systemic Risk
Is a Top Coming in U.S. Treasury Bonds?
Michael Moore: A New Economic Order?
Roche: A Toilet Shaped Recovery?
'We Are in an Economic Disneyland': Daley
Gross: 'Barney Fife' Stock Market Is Ready For a Pullback
Dow Jones--ing for 10,000...
VIX to be 'Under Pressure' Until Year-End: Trader
Dwyer: Stock Rally Has A Lot More Legs
Biggs: Stock Pullback Will Come, But Not Yet
Sonders: Recovery 'Sharper Than People Think'
Nouriel Roubini on Lehman, Global Financial Crisis
Jim Rogers: 10 More Banks Should Have Failed
Mack Steps Down From Top Spot at Morgan
Whitney: Home Prices Could Fall Another 25%
Dollar Direction: Up or Down?
TARP: Good Billions After Bad?
Fannie & Freddie: One Year Later
Should Banker Bonuses Be Capped?
Roubini: Bank Balance Sheets Pose Biggest Threat To Recovery
Baby Boomers & the Coming Entrepreneurship Boom
August 2009
Shiller: 'Weak Recovery, Disappointing Growth for Years to Come'
Are Commercial Real Estate Fears Overblown?
NY Fed President on Economic Policy
Time to Buy BofA?
David Kotok on Bernanke's Reappointment
Oil Prices Up, Natural Gas Down: Why the Divergence?
Did Ben Bernanke Save the World?
'Cash for Clunkers' Junked
Strategist: Expect 'Very Slow, Tepid' Recovery
Shiller: US Housing Market Could Be Facing Another Bubble
Art Cashin: We Could See 'Historic Trading' Soon
Big Threat: Inflation vs. Deflation
Wien & Doll on the Stock Market
Japan's Economy Exits Recession
Is the Market Ahead of Itself?
NY Manufacturing Index: 1st Growth Since '07
El-Erian: Stock Market Has Gotten 'Overly Optimistic'
Byron Wien's New Role at Blackstone
Trouble Ahead for the Dollar?
Taleb: 'Literally Incompetent' Leaders Threaten Recovery
Roubini: Double-Dip Recession Risk Still Exists
Recession Over or Double-Dip?
Toxic Assets May Need More Support: Watchdog
Krugman: 2nd Stimulus Needed to Avoid Lost Decade
Is the Bull Market for Real?
Cooperman: 'Square Root-Shaped' Recovery
July Jobs Report Analysis
Abby Cohen: S&P at 1050-1100 by Year's End
End of the Road for BofA's Ken Lewis?
Bull Market, or Just BS?
Market Snapshot, with Tony Crescenzi
What's Driving Trading This Week
Cash for Clunkers--Least Bad Program
Ford: First Positive Sales in Two Years
How Wall Street Profits from The Fed
Barclays 'Pretty Optimistic' on 2010
What Grade Would You Give The Fed?
July 2009
GDP Falls 1.0%; Sign that Recession is Slowing Down
The Great "Man-Cession"
Gabelli's Stock Market & Economic Outlook
China: The New Leader in Wind Power?
El-Erian: Rally Won't Last; Stocks Are on a "Sugar High"
Durable Goods Orders Drop 2.5%, Most in Five Months
Frank: SEC Pay Oversight Would Limit 'Excessive Risk'
Chilton: Speculators Hiked Oil Prices
Newsweek: Recession Is Over
Schwarzenegger Expected to Sign Budget Bills
Buffett: Invest in Stocks, Even At Dow 9000
A Jobless Recovery?
Art Cashin on Dow 9000
Macau: A Better Bet Than Las Vegas?
The Porsche Saga Continues
WTO Chief: Global Trade to Post 'Huge Drop'
Budget Hawk on Costs of Healthcare Reform
Digging Deeper: Earnings vs. Revenues
Should the Fed Begin Exit Strategy Now?
Roubini: Economic Recovery is Going to Be Ugly
The Rio Arrests: Poor Judgment by China?
Survey: U.S. Employers Against Obamacare
Are Financials Finally Off Life Support?
Art Hogan's Market Perspective
JPMorgan Q2 Profit Jumps 36%; Beats Forecasts
Is the Stock Market Rally for Real?
Intel: Impressive Results Offer Hope to Market
Record Revenues: Goldman Knocks Ball Out of Park
ExxonMobil Invests $600M in Algae
Whitney: 13% Unemployment Entirely Possible
Meredith Whitney's Outlook for Financials
Derivatives Debate: Time to Abolish?
Cliff Asness on Obama, Bailouts & Big Government
Treasury Unveils Toxic-Asset Plan
Art Cashin: What's Ahead for the Stock Market
Cramer: Oil Futures Market Is a 'Farce'
Barclays: A Slow and Hesitant Recovery
Boone Pickens' Plan: One Year Later
Lehman CEO: Firm Deserved Bailout or 'Wind Down'
Hulbert's Stock Market Outlook
Gross: Economy to Stay Weak 'For a Number of Years'
Taleb: Black Swan Author's Economic Outlook
Wal-Mart Supporting Obama Healthcare Plan
ADP: Private Sector Shed 473,000 Jobs in June
June 2009
Roach: Asia Won't Be the New Engine of Growth
Madoff Gets 150 Years; Judge Calls Crime 'Extraordinarily Evil'
Wilbur Ross: No Recovery Until 'Well into 2010'
Japan's CPI Falls at Record Pace
Albertson: Credit Problem in US Remains Unsolved
El-Erian: Fed Needs to Start Backing Off
Showdown in the House: Bernanke Vs. Issa
Buffett: U.S. Economy In 'Shambles' .. No Signs of Recovery Yet
Gartman: Buffett's 45% Loss 'Inexcusable'
China Could Cruise Past Its 8% Growth Target
Roubini: 'Significant Market Correction' Ahead
Apple: Steve Jobs' Liver Transplant
Faber: Hyperinflation Could Hit U.S. In 5-10 Years
FDIC's Bair: 'Too Big to Fail' Doctrine Must End
Allen Stanford Arrested
Welch to Obama: Let's Slow Down
Geithner Testifies on Regulation Revamp
Obama Unveils Financial Reform Plan
'The Most Sweeping Overhaul of Financial Regulation Since the 1930s'
Fed's Bullard: Economy Should Recover in Q3
Goolsbee: The Financial Market Reform Plan
'New Financial Foundation' Plan to Be Released This Week
BlackRock Buys Barclays Unit for $13.5 Billion
EU Outlook: "Really Gloomy"
Will Rising Oil Prices Derail Recovery?
Oil Heading to $40, Natural Gas a Better Bet
Grant: Fed Would Be Shut Down If It Were Audited
Elizabeth Warren: Redo Stress Tests 'Right Now'
Geithner: No Plans for a Single Systemic Risk Regulator
Gartman: Oil Rally Over, Likely to Settle Around $60
Rumors Swirl Around Apple...
345K Job Cuts, Less Than Forecast; Rate at 9.4%
U.S. Banks Are Bouncing Back Quicker
China's Slowdown: Made in America
ADP Jobs Report: Losses Are Decelerating
Bernanke: U.S. Deficits Threaten Financial Stability
Medvedev: Russia Wants a New World Currency
Tim Geithner's Message to China
GM CEO Discusses Bankruptcy with Phil LeBeau
Jim Cramer: We're Out of the Woods
President Obama on the U.S. Auto Industry
China Manufacturing Expands 3rd Straight Month
May 2009
Crude's Rally: Blessing or Curse?
What's Going on in the Treasury Market?
OPEC SecGen: Oil Should be Above $70
Today's Existing Home Sales Report
Eye on ExxonMobil's Annual Meeting
Implications of North Korea's Nuclear Test
Saudi Oil Minister: OPEC Stay on Course
James Chanos on the Political Landscape
PIMCO's El-Erian on this Week's Selloff
S&P Downgrade: UK Risks Losing Its 'AAA' Rating
VIX Hits Pre-Lehman Lows
Secretary Geithner's Senate Testimony
Japan: GDP Plunges Record 4% in Q1
OPEC: Wary of Rising Oil Prices
Bright Spots In The Advertising Business
An Eye On J.P. Morgan's Shareholders Meeting
Top Regional Bank CEOs Roundtable
Doll: V-Shaped Recovery Is Overly Optimistic
Faber: 'Global Economy Won't Recover Anytime Soon'
Welch: Administration Has Scary Grip On Economy
Jeff Greene, a Subprime Success Story
Remembering Bill Seidman...
What's Going on with AIG?
Intel CEO Vows to Fight EU Fine
Greenspan on the Economy
Doug Kass: "Stocks Are Ahead of Fundamentals"
Goldman Sach's Cohen: S&P 1050 In A Year
Ace Greenberg's Market Outlook
Wall Street Legend Ken Langone
Whitney: Be Wary Of The Banks
The Curious Case of Allen Stanford
Bill Ackman Targets Target Board
Are We Out of the Woods Yet?
Wall Street's Focus This Week: Eye On Inflation
Ken Lewis Speaks About Stress Tests
Jobs Report Indicates Less of a Decline
The Bond King on Banks & Jobs
Cisco Beats Earnings Forecast
Austan Goolsbee on the Economy
Dr. Doom: Do As We Say, Not As We Do
BofA Boondoggle: $34 Billion More Needed...
Bernanke: Economic Recovery in 2009...
Obama's Tax Crackdown
China - The Big Red Engine That Could
Buffett: 'Economic Pearl Harbor' Is Over
BlackRock's Bob Doll: Rally Ain't Over
April 2009
Lewis Out as BofA's Chairman
Obama: CEO-In-Chief?
Is the Chrysler Bankruptcy Imminent?
Bye-Bye Ken?
FDIC's Bair On The Economy & Financial Crisis
Rahm Emanuel On The U.S. Auto Industry's Fall
Larry Bossidy: Tough Year Ahead For Economy
Swine Flu Sparks Worry On Global Economy
GM Shareholders Left With Only 1%
Geithner to G7: Don't Count on the U.S.
Donald Trump: Banks Not Lending
GM to Close Pontiac Brand
Housing Bottom: Is Data Too Flawed?
Cramer: Listen To 'Hot Hands' Doug Kass
Freddie Mac CFO Found Dead
Recovery Or Relapse?
Mishkin: Receding Recession
Exxon Mobil Tops 2009 Fortune 500 List
Larry Summers' Economic Outlook
Obama's 'Five Pillars' for Economic Recovery
Bernanke Speaks: The Financial Crisis
CEA Chair: White House Economic Update
NFIB Small Business Forecast
Where Is Big Money Going?
March 2009
President Obama Seeking Support from Bank CEOs
JPMorgan's Dimon on Meeting With Obama

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